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I drove 5 hours to go to this theme park . We went there to celebrate my daughter's 17th birthday.
When we first arrived we decided to get a picture taken near the Looney Toones store and the fountain.
My daughter was asked to put her purse down for the picture. We were the only family in that area at that time.
It took about 2 min to have our pictures taken with the characters.When My daughter went to pick up her
purse, it was gone, as was one of the staff members who was assisting us at that time. We immediately asked the staff where it was and they said they had no idea.
We were informed to go to security and they told us they had no lost purses there. I stepped to the side and
in the meantime my daughter and I got separated in the park.
She had no money on her, My cell phone had been in the purse that was stolen. I searched for her for many hours.
She asked security to page me so she could meet up with me. They refused. She had no money on her and was unable to purchase any food or liquids because she had no money. She found a few water fountains, thank goodness those were available.
She contacted security at least 6x and they refused to help .
In the meantime, I contacted lost and found again, another employee heard me talking to them and
pulled me to the side and told me that many pocketbooks are stolen here on a daily basis.
When I finally met with my daughter at the park when the park closed, she was so dehydrated that she could
barely walk, It toook 2 hours to leave the parking lot before we were able to get her food and water.
I will say that I will NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PARK and I will NEVER encourage anyone I know to ever go there. This is the Worst case, , It was most likely the worst likely the worst birthday my daughter ever had as well. This was Not a so great adventure!
of a lack of Customer Service that I have ever experienced in my 44 yrs of life.


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  • Re
      Aug 20, 2009

    Well, not to be rude or anything ma'am, but if a park associate asks you or your daughter to "drop your purse" for a picture, you should have thought that a little peculiar in the first place. More over, where did she put her purse down? Across the walkway? On a table? Between her feet (where she probably should have)? To be honest, things like this happen a lot, due to people not being aware of their surroundings. As far as them not calling/paging for you that's just totally wrong. After a good meal and drink I'd have contacted the local authorities and the BBB.

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  • Jo
      Sep 10, 2012

    This complaint appears to be a hoax.

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