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58 Evening Dress / Will not take back product, false advertising

1 Berryville VA, United States

Very Very Bad Experience with

WARNING! Never deal with this company! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in ordering women’s clothing over the web in the last 10 years! The dresses that show on their web site are NOT what they send you! They pretend to be from Australia but they ship from Singapore and the representative that my daughter’s bridesmaids and I dealt with, by the name of Wan Weier, has a address so we don’t even know where she is located. Her English was poor in her e-mails and was hard to follow. It seems to be a one person show that is very deceptive. She took our credit cards and now won’t refund anything. I have never been treated so badly!

Wan Weier explicitly promised in an e-mail that we could return the dresses we were ordering for the mothers and bridemaids if we did not like them. After I spent close to $600 on the dresses, they took forever to arrive and when they finally did arrive they were awful! I was also one bridesmaid dress short! I ordered five dress; they sent me four. They looked nothing like the dresses shown on the web site, had plastic bras and fit horribly. The bridesmaids who ordered their dresses directly also had the same problem.

When I e-mailed Wan Weier and told her that we didn’t like the dresses, she said I could not return them because “I had them for too long” even though it had been only two days since I had received them! She actually had the audacity to tell me to go somewhere and get them altered! I told her that she said in her previous e-mail that she promised we could return them if we didn’t like them – I even sent her back her own e-mail—but after several attempts to get an address she refused to give us an address for the return, stating “company policy”. Obviously an outright lie!

After talking to the credit card company they said to return them back to the address on the shipping label. And to add insult to injury when I checked with UPS and DHL the cost was going to be over $200 to send them back!

I am still dealing with the credit card dispute and it has taken many hours of my time, many of my dollars, and I now realize I was cheated by a con artist. In summary there are several reasons NOT to use this
The website is a total lie. The merchandise shown is not what they ship. They pretend to be from Australia, but who knows where is really located.
The dresses were horrid.
They arrived late.
I was missing one dress in the order.
The representative Wan Weier lied to all of us. Before I ordered, she said I could return the dresses if I didn’t like them and then came up with a number of excuses why I couldn’t.
She would not give me a return address
To ship the dresses back to Singapore will cost over $200!
Remember, your consumer protections end at the US boarder!!!


May 26, 2015

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