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555DietChallenge / Rip off!

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I noticed an unfamiliar (pending) charge of $28.89 on my bank account on 1/17/08 from this company 555 Diet Challenge. I could not find the number anywhere. After looking this company up on the internet I noticed that others had filed claims about the same false charges. After contacting my bank I was told to call back as soon as the charge was posted to my account. This is extremely upsetting and very inconvenient!

It is a disgrace that people can get by with illegal actions like this without any repercussions. I encourage everyone who was ripped off by this company to fight back because they will do it again if we don't!

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  20th of Jan, 2008
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I have been ripped off too. These S-O-Bs have to be stopped. I am mad as hell and will fight this charge until it is resolved.

  28th of Jan, 2008
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I have been ripped off as well from these people and have disputed this with my Credit Card Company. In the process of trying to find this company on the internet, without any luck of course, I found a lot of other complaints against them. I did see something interested and am hoping to get everyone's input on this. The credit card that was charge of mine was the one I used with my Pay Pal account. Is this the case with anyone else's credit card?

  30th of Jan, 2008
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I am now going to dispute the charge with my bank. I do not know who they are so I am in agreement with you. I would never sign up for an on line challenge!

  31st of Jan, 2008
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Like others I have noticed this charge on my bankstatement. After contacting my Bank I was informed that I had to file a dispute charge and they would try and get the money back for me. I was also told my debit card was used for this bogis charge. These people need to be caught and put in jail. I work to damn hard for these SOB's to just sit back and take my money.

  1st of Feb, 2008
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This is INSANE!!!! I don't even have this account anylonger, and these fools are trying to make charges to it. How in the world does this happen??? I am very upset, no outraged by this. I just got a letter from the bank stating I was being charged overdraft fees due to the charge of $ 29.89 from 555Diet Challenge... THE ACCOUNT is CLOSED !!! I will be contacting my attorney to see what can be done about this. I must say that this has opened my eyes to see just how crooked people and companies are. I will not be using credit/debit cards over the internet or the phone anylonger, maybe not ever again anywhere, strictly cash. You're right something must be done about this quickly, hopefully a nice lawsuit will stop those thieves.

  1st of Feb, 2008
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On my bank statement there was a phone # 701-663-8327, ND that I called but did not get a live person, they asked for name and number. I was able to leave a not so pleasent message. I can not believe this madness.

  1st of Feb, 2008
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I have sent letters of dispute to the bank where the account was opened and also a copy to my attorney. Someone is going to be held accountable for this nonsense. I want the world to know that I was banking with Fifth Third Bank in Dayton, Ohio before I closed the account and relocated. I feel that the bank should take a little responsiblity for this mess as well. They claim to have all this protection for their customers, I can't tell...While writing the dispute to the bank I also gave them a piece of my mind as well. How does this happen??? Yes I know anything is possible, credit/debit card numbers can be compromised at any time, there are some drafty criminals in the world, so who can we blame??? I feel that it's the infrastructure of these finanical instutitions that we need to worry about. With all the easy access we have to shopping on the Internet and at the stores using the ATM's, we just swipe are little cards an go. How safe are we really??? Not safe at all, if you ask me, not one bit. Who can we trust to have our backs when it comes to our banking information? If not the bank itself? then who??? I can't express this enough, if you have a bank acount using a debit/credit card, stop using it right now... Maybe if we didn't use it for so many things in our daily lives it wouldn't be so scary, but if you are at all like me , we use these little cards everyday, twice a day. I just hope to have this issue resolved and actions taken against the perpetrators. It's not so much about the amount of the charge, it's the fact that it happened at all, more than a few times by this false company. This should really scare everyone, this is very serious. For me, I have to fight against the thieves, and the bank for allowing the thieves to have access to a bank account that I supposedly had closed months ago. Technology is remarkable, phenomenal in fact, but at what cost do we have to pay for this mind blowing invention??? We have no privacy and no protection...What can we do???

  7th of Feb, 2008
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I too was charged $29.89 and Capital One says there is a process that has to be followed and it will take a while. I want to know how the hell did they get my credit card # in the first place? I know its not a lot but still, its fraudulent and they should be charged with it. I now will call the # and try to talk to them but I think it will not help. Cap One will dispute it eventually, I recently bought an Ab Rocket so I am calling them to find out if they are signing customers up for something that was in small print!!!!
I am livid right now about this!!!!

  13th of Feb, 2008
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I also purchased an Ab Rocker and I really hope that this isn't related to that. I think it is outrageous how these people get access to our accounts without any authorization.

  20th of Feb, 2008
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I was charged $29.89 on 01/18/08 i never heard of this company and can't believe they have access to even do this to me it can't be legal. I hope they are caught and sent to jail where they get raped everyday!

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