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1 Marsaxlokk, Malta

In September this year, my wife's sister bought me through eBay a new mobile phone. When we received this mobile phone I noticed that this is defective. The battery used to stop on 66% and then, all of a sudden the battery goes flat in a matter of seconds. When contacted (by my wife's sister) the seller started giving advice to charge the battery overnight, to drain completely the battery ('so it can be activated'), and he also sent her instructions how to reboot the mobile (with days passing by) but to no avail. Finally he agreed to send a new battery...only to find that the same fault was still there. Again we contacted the seller and we requested to have a new mobile sent over. We sent the first mobile back to him, to the UK and he provided us with another one...but unfortunately the same problem re occurred. Again some 10 days have passed since I sent him the phone and received the other one.

Some 3 weeks ago I, myself, contacted the seller through ebay and asked him to send him back the mobile and get refunded back. At first he was kind and said he was honoured to serve me. Then he asked for my wife's sister ebay Id and email address to double check, (fairly enough so he can check that he really made business with her). Then he started ignoring my several emails. I've sent quite a number of emails to which he never replied back. I've got proof of all emails since day one in hand. Also a friend of mine asked him a question on the eBay contact service to which he replied back to her...making it clear that he was in fact ignoring my mails.

Is there any way you can help me in? I feel I've been robbed and now ignored by the fraudster. Also this mobile is still covered with a one year guarantee... Can you please help!

I would be really greatful if you could make contact with him since he is ignoring me completely. Should you require further information I would be glad to forward you everything you ask for,

Many thanks,

Marlon Micallef

Dec 29, 2014

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