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503-412-3352 / Unsolicited phone calls!

1 United States Review updated:

This number has been calling me every day. Sometimes they call multiple times a day. They never leave a msg and when I call back I always get a busy signal. I am on the National "Do Not Call" registry.


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  16th of Apr, 2007
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Same here, I keep getting calls from this number and no one leaves a message.

  27th of Apr, 2007
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The caller from 503-412-3352 claimed to be calling from JD Power and Associates. He wanted me to answer a 4 minute interview about a recent car purchase. I don't give over the phone interviews with unsolicited callers. I can't verify who is exactly calling.

  28th of Jun, 2007
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503-412-3352 - Unsolicited phone calls
United States

I'm getting up to ten calls a day from this number but no message and if I try to return the call I get a busy signal. The only thing I can locate on line regarding this phone number is posted comments indicating that several other people are having this very same inconvenient experience. Any LEGITIMATE company would be linked up to the number on line!!!

  16th of Jul, 2007
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I got a call from this number to (503-412-3352) the call ID said Oregon. Its got or house hold up in arms. anymore news as to where its from?

  3rd of Aug, 2007
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The caller ID had unknown name but a common no answer phone number. The girl said she was doing a survey on medical issues. She also said she will send me an email with survey information. When they do I will trace the IP and list the information here.

Best regards,

  12th of Sep, 2007
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I received several calls so I did a little research and found the number to be associated with Research Data Design in Portland Oregon. I called their customer service number 1-800-433-6938 and requested to be removed from their calling list. She said she would- we'll see. She also told me that they are exempt from the National No-Call list since they are research instead of marketing.

  10th of Oct, 2007
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I keep getting calls like this, or telemarketers. I'm seriously sick of it. Why must we put ourselves on a list to get some peace and quiet. Is the world so incredibly deranged that they derive joy and profit from messing around with others? How do you derive profit from calling someone, and then hanging up, interrupting whatever they're in the middle of, to call them back, to irritate them further only to find a busy signal. This needs to stop. Something needs to be done.

  11th of Oct, 2007
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503-412-3352 - Unsolicited phone calls
United States

My phone numbers are on the "Do Not Call Registry" and I continually get calls from this number - I have stopped answering as I recognize the number on caller ID. How do I stop these people from calling me? Plz advise smb!

  20th of Oct, 2007
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I had the same problem until I told them I was going to sue them for harassment. Try it, it worked for me!

  18th of Nov, 2007
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(503) 412-3352 - Phone number
United States
Phone: (503) 412-3352

This phone number keeps calling me every day. They do not leave a message ever. I see it has been calling other people recently as well. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list for a long time and 3 months ago re-registered all of my phone numbers to the list.

  28th of Jan, 2008
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I receive a call every day from this number: (503) 412-3352. I answered the call once and they said that they are from Data Research Design. I responded, "Go ahead." and the caller hung up. They keep calling. They never leave a message, and when I've tried to call them back they always have a busy signal.

  17th of Mar, 2008
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Call in from 503-412-3352 on my answering service. Hung up. Must have been trying to sell something!

  24th of May, 2008
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This is disgusting. I am so tired of getting these calls and I have caller ID but only Portland OR comes up. I have friends there but they would not hang up!!! How rude these people are.

I am on Do Not Call but this does not stop these people.

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