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50 Million Waiting/Grant Research Guide / Unauthorized Debts after cancellation

1 Ravenna, OH, United States Review updated:

I signed up to recieve a free CD for information on how to get a Government Grant, all I had to do was pay for shipping and handling. In September I noticed that our Credit Card had been charged for a monthly membership. My husband called the Credit Card company to get a phone number we could call to cancel it. He called and cancelled it. NOW... We have charges on our credit card from a few companies, one of which was "50 MILLION WAITING". They usually charge around the same date every month, It stood out to me because they had pulled $49.50 from our account on 12/11/08 and again on 12/13/08. I've been trying to put extra money on that card so we have it to travel on for the holidays. So I looked it up on the internet and found out that I wasn't the only one with this problem. I found the number to call and when my husband spoke to them, they told him that he had never called to cancel and that the only way for us to get our money back was to provide them with a Cancellation Comformation Number (That we were never given). When my husband asked them about the other charges to our account for the same amount, they told him that thier sister companies sometimes charge accounts. We may have cancelled through one of the sister companies and they are just too lazy to do any kind of research to find out the truth. They gave my husband and email address to at least correct the double charge (so we could get atleast $50 of our money back (even though they total they have pulled from the account is closer to $300). I have yet to recieve a reply from them.

This is the email I received from them after the cancellation and my email response to them.


Thank you for contacting the Grant Research Guide. As per your request your membership in the Grant Resource Center has been canceled.

With Regards,

Steve Jones
GRG Customer Support



Our account was charged twice for this month. That's how I noticed it and was extremely upset since it shouldn't have been charged at all, since we cancelled it the first time back in September. We was not given a Cancellation Confirmation Number and yet I have been told that I must produce it to prove that it was cancelled. You also stated that your sister companies will make depts against my account, if that is true then is it possible that we cancelled all of this through them and no one is willing to do the research to find out the answers? It's the holiday season, everyone's money is tight not just ours, that $100 that was pulled as of 12/11/08 ($49.50) and 12/13/08 ($49.50), was to help us pay for Christmas Pictures. These pictures were going to be everyone's Christmas presents, as we really can't afford much, to be able to buy presents for everyone. Thanks for ruining the holidays for me and my family. Hope your holidays are happier than mine, and I don't know how you sleep at night knowing that your screwing with several people and thier childrens and families holiday's.

With Our Reguards,


As you can tell, I'm extremely frustraited and upset about all of's the holidays for crying out loud. You try everything you can to save money, try to find ways to make more money, and all these people can do is try to steal as much of your money as possible. These are tough times in America, money is not something you take lightly or mess with if it is not yours to mess with in the first place.

Thanks for listening!

Jennifer, Ravenna, OH

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  • Yv
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I also got ripped off the same way. I sent for a cd about grants that was advertised as free. Nowhere in the advertisment did I see that I was signing on for a 7 day "free trial" of any kind. Then I began to notice that
    $49.50 was being deducted from my bank account EVERY MONTH! I went to my bank and changed my card number to prevent it from happening again, and filled out a form about unauthorized deductions and the bank checked on it for me. Only then did I find out that I had "signed on for the 7 day trial and I had to call to cancel it. The number I was given to call is an answering service for the on-line company, This experience has taught me a valuable and expensive($300.00 lost!) lesson. If something is offered free, it really isn't. I'm not so sure what I can do now except DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN!! And to everyone who reads this, please be careful on the internet!! Especially GRANTSEVERYDAY.COM THESE PEOPLE ARE THEIVES!!


    Y. W. Hawaii

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