4th street apts / harresment from a gang member

this 15 year old boy seems to enjoy bothering me he has accused me of looking at a 13 year old girl and has said that I look at kiddie porn now he is spreading rumors about me it seems being disabled is no safe guard against harassment the boy and his mother live at 670 north 4th street in san jose he knocks on my door and runs away and calls me names I do not wish to retaliate in kind but now I fear for my safety when I was accused for looking at a girl I called the cops and made a report on what he said he and his mother had kept parking in my spot so I just had enough and put a bike in the way as not to let anyone park why should I allow ppl to park in my space for free if they want to park they should pay me I just want some advice as I have had trouble in the last two apts that I lived at and if I loose this place I fear that I would be living on the street and being disabled I would die very fast any help call me at [protected] one night he came to my door and was so drugged up he could barely walk he has many friends and I am all by my self I need help fast thanks

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