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I hate to admit it but I was stupid and thought that I was really getting a good deal by buying plants over the internet. I have bought other products online and have yet to be disappointed until now. I ordered plants from Four Seasons Nurseries. I got sticks. Literally sticks. A few have some buds on them. I suppose the company feels they are covering their ### by stating that the plants are sent in a dormant state, but these are not even plants. The tree is one single stick. There is not a branch on it. I do not even know how I am supposed to plant this in my yard without it falling over. This was the most outrageous false advertising I have ever fallen prey to. It's no wonder other people have said the sticks die when they plant them because there is nothing to support them. Fortunately, I do still have my shipping label and I plan to send everything back. Although, based on others experience it probably won't do any good.

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  • De
      7th of Apr, 2015
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    i just received my 211.00 order. What a hugh disappointment i had. They were sticks and then the yucca plants were just small clumps of dead roots. I just do not understand the ethics of this company. How hard would it be for them to honestly sell good healthy plants for the price you pay. Not that they are high priced but the quality is just terrible. What a disappointment

  • Bo
      19th of Apr, 2017
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    @Dena Smith in sc I live in a state where yucca plants grow naturally. Plow one up and mangle the roots into dozens of little dead looking roots... Bury them, they will ALL produce a yucca plant.Unless you specifically order 'trees', you will get rootstock...(sticks..) which will grow into a tree. In most cases, it is wise to soak in water for a few hours, then tend to it regularly until it takes root. They CANNOT dry out after coming out of the dormant state or they WILL die. They have to develop roots before you can leave them alone. Keep moist, but not soggy. That being said, my biggest complaint with these mail order nurseries is trees (sticks) growing into trees that are NOT what you ordered! By the time you figure this out it is 4-5 years later! I graft, now... At least I know what I have! Oh, and BTW, have you noticed that ALL of these mail order nurseries, regardless of name, all come from the same warehouse in Illinois? Hmmmmm...

  • Lo
      22nd of Apr, 2012
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    Has anyone ordered this year from 4 Seasons? I am seeing the complaints above, but wondered if anything has changed?

  • Ca
      27th of Jun, 2011
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    Same bad experience with this company. Bulbs were shipped very late, they were mush when they arrivedI was told to put them in the ground and wait. What? wait? they were dead bulbs. I spent $80.00 and cannot get a refund, they keep throwing up roadblocks and wouldn't return my call within the proper time to recieve a refund
    I'm out $80.00 and mad as a wet hen with this company. I ordered through the mail and will never order from them again. I'll stick with tried and true companies that have some idea of what customer service and repeat business it all about. DO NOT ORDER FROM 4SEASONS NURSERIES. I vowed to them to spread the word to other gardeners.

  • Ri
      13th of Apr, 2011
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    I place a order in Feb., and i have not receive it yet, I lived in moss Tenn. I call and get busy signal.

  • De
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    On March 26, 2009 I ordered a number of plants from 4 seasons and paid $123.94. These were not shipped until sometime in May with many dead trees/plants. I planted according to instructions, but those which had appeared dead were indeed dead. So, on June 13, 2009 I called the place and spoke with a lady who told me that the plants I had listed as dead along with the copy of the original check for payent she requested. This week (July now) I received a list of the plants with a list with a small blue slip at the top asking to indicate how many of each item died and asking that I return the shipping label. I had already explained to the lady I spoke with on the phone earlier that I did not have the shipping label and that was when she advised that if I sent a copy of my original check that would suffice. 20 of the plants died and I marked those on my mailing to you of June 13. These plants amounted to $59.00.

  • Da
      11th of May, 2009
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    I had holes all dug and steel posts driven next to them, the PawPaws were sticks that never did anything(dead sticks).Just one blue spruce turns green this spring(17 dead sticks)The cherry trees are green and growing as are the royal empress trees.

  • Pa
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    Hi I bought some too. Mine were sticks to but i planted them. I put chicken wire around them and they are doing good all but one. I am going to see about sending that one back. Hope you have better luck.

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