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4frontinvestigations / Broken Promises Bad Business Remark

1 ???Beverly Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-248-4004 we reported on here was very unproffesional and refused to provide us a refund on our case. We thank everyone for your suggestions and help with this matter.

We followed some of your suggestions and made a report to the Los Angeles BBB
We complained on another consumer complaint site about
And we are going to file a [redacted] tomorrow as one consumer suggested.

We may not be our money back from but at least we did our job to alert consumers to this business as unworthy of your hard earned money and having terrible customer service

Never due business with an unlicensed individual that has no office address in California as we found out. Just a fraud and we were took.

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      11th of Nov, 2009
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    Kevin Sianez will surprise you all right!!!
    *He is unlicensed
    *He has one computer and that is it.
    *There is no nationwide operation. (Nationwide scam yes)
    *All the addresses he provides are PO. Boxes!
    *He would not meet you in person!
    *He wants your money upfront!

    This man has ripped off countless people around the country! Here is how he operates, sitting by his computer 24/7 he searches any free listings he can find and advertises his so called PI! Then he uses another fake identity which he has hundreds of them and leaves a positive feedback for himself. He continues this scam until that free listing is full of bogus positive comments about him and his business. By the way he operates under KMS Investigations and more recently as 4FRONT investigations!
    He tries to create an image of a huge investigation corporation with so many offices in every corner of this country for internet users! This way he lures his unsuspected victims! People who are already in low points of their lives whether because of a cheating spouse or some sort of a workplace problem. These people make good candidates for his scam. He then pretends to be the person who knows it all and the single solution they are looking for! What comes next? Simple! He is very expensive! But don’t be fooled by his first strong demand for money! At the end he will accept whatever you can offer him! Credit card? Sure! Money transfer? Of course! Any method of payment you offer he is willing to accept! And yes he will run with it! See after your initial payment he will be hard to find! He doesn’t answer the phone anymore (at least not yours) Then all of a sudden he talks to you and asks for more money because money you paid him was not enough! There has been lots of problems and they needed to extend the surveillance time! Or something in that nature however he needs more money than initially agreed upon! Some poor victims again fall for his scam and pay him more money and some say they need a proof at least a part of job has been done before they pay more money. Now he won’t stop there, there has been numerous complaints from his previous victims that he has gone back to their credit cards and made unauthorized charges! At the end he will come up with many excuses and will send you a report which is worthless! All the information he has collected from you and some free internet search will be in that report! Not satisfied? Too bad because that’s all you will see from him! He will not talk to you any more or better yet he will not answer your calls anymore! Want to see him now and demand a proof work has been done and if not get your money back? Good luck! All the addresses he is using in every corner of this country is nothing more than a privet mail box which forwards the mail to another unknown location! Actually his true location is always hidden from people! I am not surprised although. Now this is what his victim see from him but how about his operation? That is another interesting part! See he calls around the country and seeks other PI offices. They don’t suspect this guy is a con man either! So he introduces himself as this big shot in Los Angeles which is looking to make partnership with that lucky relatively unknown investigator! He then subcontracts jobs which may come his way in that region to this poor guy! He does the job sends the repot and his bill to Mr. big shot and waits for his money! Good luck! Sianez does every trick to delay and not to pay the man! Including but not limited to sending empty envelopes so he can claim he simply forgot to put the check inside! This way he con the other party another week or so out of their money before they start calling again! He by the way uses these reports just to collect more money from his so called clients and prove to them that his company’s wing in their part of the country is doing a fantastic job! So he needs more money! At the end he ignores everybody’s calls and goes for more victims!
    You might think why all these people don’t do anything about this guy? Well they try! If you do a simple search on internet for Kevin Sianez or KMS investigations or even 4FRONT investigation there are hundreds of complaints about him in every website and of course famous one is [redacted].
    But they were also surprised when found out Kevin Sianez is an elusive person! No one ever gets to see him in person! His addresses are all PO. boxes or privet mail boxes! And better yet he even moves his hidden den (office) every few months so it makes it harder to find him. He leaves behind a trail of unpaid landlords as well! He hires a girl or two every few months and not only makes pass at them to see if his sorry divorced ### can get laid, also he let them go after a while (unpaid) and accuses them of stealing from him! Man has no shame! He opens bank accounts in different states under his corporation name, and passes bad checks to everybody until bank closes the account! But since he does not live in the same state as the bank and his victims it is very hard to catch him with the laws presently in effect! Now if you think by blowing the whistle he is going to back off and run you are mistaking! At least not on internet he won’t do that! See internet is his bread and butter! He can’t let you say what you know about him on the web! So he contacts you as another person most likely Toby! Or another fake name and warns you not to mess around with Sianez or else! He will tell you about unfortunate people who ended up loosing everything they had because of that! If he sees you have posted on a web site he will do anything I mean anything to deceive the person in charge of that website to remove your comments! He will go back and forth like a crazy chicken and will threaten you as well to remove your posting! If he suspect he knows who you are then he starts his character assassination as well! Leaving bunch of lies and false accusations on different websites to discredit you! At the end let me summarize what I wrote so you can use it as a quick reference!
    Person of interest; Kevin Sianez
    Location: Los Angeles Metropolitan Area as well as Orange County (exact location unknown)
    Occupation: Claims to be a privet investigator. (No license under his name has ever been produced)
    Marital status: Divorced
    Criminal Background: Has convictions in Orange County CA for not paying child support and stalking.
    Work record: multiple fines in several states for operating a PI without a license!

    Sianez claims to be an ex cop. Read this report from LA Times about his time in PD:

    Ex-Cop Loses Bid for New Disability Trial

    June 08, 1996
    An appeals court has denied a new trial for a former Santa Ana police officer who sued the city for permanent disability in 1988 and lost.
    In rejecting a new trial for Kevin M. Sianez, the 4th District Court of Appeal noted last week that state law generally regards permanent disability as a physical injury, such as a back injury, but could also include a psychiatric disability. However, the court agreed with the original Superior Court decision that Sianez did not meet either of those criteria.
    Assistant City Atty. Robert Wheeler said the case was a victory for law enforcement agencies statewide.
    "Cases like this could lead to an abuse, " Wheeler said. "Every officer who is able-bodied, but who feels stressed out, could get this very lucrative benefit."
    According to interviews and court records, Sianez joined the department in 1981 but was accused of misappropriation of funds and untruthfulness in 1982. He was dismissed in 1983, but that decision was later reversed by the personnel board.
    Sianez injured his ankle in 1984, and while on disability leave, decided to file for disability retirement because he did not feel comfortable returning to work, according to court documents.
    The city denied Sianez's request, and Wheeler said Sianez never returned to work.

    Also see:

    Florida department of agriculture and consumer services
    Division of licensing newsletter
    For privet investigative, security and recovery industries
    Volume 19, number 2 July 2007
    Subject: Sianez, Kevin M
    Date action taken: Dec 12 2006
    Anaheim CA
    License type: XC (No license)
    Action taken: Fined $700
    Case Number: CD2006-1053

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      17th of Feb, 2012
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    This case is on going next hearing date for Kevin Sianez is Mazrch 3, 2012 C-5 @ 8:30 in Criminal Superior Court Orange County California. Kevin Sianez is out on $180, 000 Bail Bond from Alladin Bail Bonds Santa Ana California.

    Orange County District Attorney
    Press Release
    Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney
    401 Civic Center Drive West
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    For Immediate Release
    Case # 10CF1569
    June 29, 2010


    *Defendant also charged with conspiracy for soliciting women on Craigslist to commit bestiality with his dog

    SANTA ANA – A former police officer working as an unlicensed private investigator was charged today with defrauding his clients and intimidating his detractors, including threatening to burn down the house of a licensed private investigator. He has also been charged with engaging in a conspiracy to commit the crime of sexual assault of an animal by posting ads on Craigslist to have women engage in bestiality with his dog.

    Kevin Michael Sianez, 53, Fountain Valley, has been charged in a 63-count criminal complaint. His felony charges include 20 counts of grand theft by false pretense, 12 counts of fraudulently using an access card, two counts of second degree commercial burglary, five counts of possession of a firearm by a felon stemming from a 1998 conviction for stalking, four counts of theft with a prior conviction for the same crime in 1999, four counts of obtaining electricity services through false representation, and one count each of identity theft, perjury by declaration, computer access and fraud, and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person.

    The misdemeanor charges against Sianez include three counts of conspiracy to commit sexual assault upon an animal, two counts of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, three counts of obtaining electricity services through false representation, and one count each of criminal threats, unlawful representation as a private investigator, engaging in the business of private investigation, and doing business without a valid license. He faces sentencing enhancements for aggravated white collar crime over $100, 000 and property damage over $65, 000.

    If convicted, Sianez faces a maximum sentence of 38 years in state prison. He was arrested June 24, 2010, by Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) Investigators and is being held on $500, 000 bail. He is expected to be arraigned Monday, June 28, 2010, at 8:30 a.m. in Department C-55, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

    Circumstances of the Case

    The defendant worked as a police officer between 1979 and 1986 for the Santa Ana and Stanton Police Departments. The Stanton Police Department no longer exists.

    Between November 2005 and June 2010, Sianez is accused of owning and illegally operating private investigation services without a license under the names KMS Investigations, Fore-Front Investigations, and 4Front Investigations. Business and Professions Code 7523 requires proper licensing through the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to operate as a private investigator. The defendant is accused of falsely identifying himself as a licensed private investigator.

    The defendant is accused of posting false reviews of his various businesses on Internet investigator and referral websites to optimize his search engine presence. He is accused of using these fabricated reviews to mislead potential clients into believing his businesses had nationwide offices and investigators, when in fact he operated out of a small suite in Fountain Valley with less than five employees, who were primarily family members.

    Sianez is accused of defrauding clients by performing little or no work on their cases after receiving payment. He is also accused of defrauding properly licensed private investigation firms by subcontracting investigative work to them and failing to pay for their services.

    Sianez is accused of attempting to intimidate and dissuade witnesses of his fraudulent activities, including two former employees, by threatening to use his knowledge and contacts as a former police officer to file false police reports against them if they reported his actions to the police or public. He is accused of threatening to burn down the home of a private investigator if she did not remove Internet comments she had posted alerting the public about his fraudulent activity.

    The OCDA Bureau of Investigation began investigating this case after receiving a complaint in March 2010, from the California Department of Consumer Affairs. In the course of the fraud investigation, OCDA Investigators discovered additional evidence of a bestiality conspiracy.

    Between October 2009 and January 2010, Sianez is accused of posting ads on Craigslist seeking women to engage in acts of bestiality with his Labrador Retriever. He is accused of conspiring with several unknown co-conspirators via e-mail to set up meetings in order for the bestiality to occur.

    Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Anthony Sosnowski at (714) 347-8814. Deputy District Attorney Israel Claustro of the Special Assignments Unit is prosecuting the case.

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