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49 49 49 Taxi in Luton / Overcharged and the driving of cab

1 Luton Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

On July 11th after midnight, I ordered a taxi with a firm that we always use. The journey was from Sundon Park to Barton Hills, the taxi fare is normally £12 to £13 pounds after midnight. He was asked to pay £20 pounds mu husband said that it was too much so the driver asked for £15 my husband also gave him a £2 pound tip as he always does. We did not want to argue with the driver as he had already gone down a one way road the wrong way, we did tell him at the time just as he entered the road but he never reversed back, then after he went around a roundabout on the opposite side of the road the wrong way we had to tell him to slow down, I was very glad to arrive home. It was then that my husband told me about the fare. I rang the company the next day and spoke to a gentleman called " Dorchee " not sure of the spelling, he agreed that we had been over charged and the next time that we ring for a taxi to mention his name and that we need £3.10pence off our next fare. I have not received a refund as yet, I rang this week-end and explained to the controller, he told me that he would have to ring ( Dorchee ) as he was not in the office and he would ring me back, after some time when I did not receive the phone call I rang again this time they thay transferred my call to some one else, it rang and rang until in the end I had put my phone down. It's not the money as we always give a tip, it was the driving. it should be on their log of who the driver was on that night. Mr and Mrs Philpott

Aug 2, 2015

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