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480-603-3796 / Unknown phone number

United States Review updated:
I keep getting calls from this number: [protected]. Can somebody help me stop the calls? Plz advise!

J. S.

Marlborough, MA 01752

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  21st of Nov, 2006
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480-603-3796 calls ALL the time and hangs up. This morning I answered and hung up real fast. Immediately afterwards another annoying and harrassing number called. 203-797-3222. Both of those numbers call DAILY and never leave a message. I now believe they work together. ugh..
  8th of Dec, 2006
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203-797-3222 is one of the most egregious companies that come to mind they call all times of the day and never leave any messages and even when I have answered they just hang up. I have experience in Telecommunications and I believe that they may be using a predictive dialer. This is a tool that companies use to call multiple numbers and they when one party answers (your answering machine) it passes the call off to a representative, if the representative doesn't want to talk to you they just hang up. there are instances where the dialer can store a number and cycle it through. this is why you may get a call day after day and the time of day doesn't really factor in because if it is this it runs on a program until the vendor changes or updates the list of numbers. It is irritating though.
  8th of Dec, 2006
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The Problem:
Calls from 203-797-3222, I found through the area code and prefix that it is in fact Scholastic Library Publishing located in Danbury Connecticut. Automated call line is what doing the calls.
The Solution: Call Customer Service @ 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527) Press “0” when menu comes up to speak with a representative ask for your number to be removed it takes just a few minutes. If you can’t do this then you can send them a written request to: Scholastic Library Publishing,90 Sherman Turnpike, Danbury, CT 06816
  14th of Dec, 2006
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I have told them to remove my number and they agree and an hour later they call me again I now just ignore the calls or pick up and then hang up to stop the incessant ringing I am on the no-call list and this is ridiculous. I will try to call and tell them to stop and I will also try writing them. Thank You for the infp.
  26th of Dec, 2006
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I also have a problem with calls from 480-603-3796.
  3rd of Jan, 2007
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480-603-3796 is a political call center and if you call them back you can request to have your # removed LOL i called them back and told them about the e-complaints they were generating. the call center is located in Arizona Mesa, AZ (Arizona) 85210-2008 Phone: (480) 603-3796. Political Call Center 1201 South Alma School Road Mesa, AZ (Arizona) 85210-2008
  2nd of Feb, 2007
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8 PM at night I get the phone call on my CELL PHONE ! is there not a law that these telemarketers can't call cell phones. How can I make them stop!
  12th of Feb, 2007
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We just got through being forced to change our fax # DUE TO CYBERTERRORIST PARASITES, and these a$$holes from 203-797-3222 are now calling it!! I called the # back on my cell phone and it answers the phone with a RECORDED message "Scholastic" and NO ONE EVER answers! I waited 20 minutes, and no one ever picked up, all I got was "on hold music".

Bob Engert, register your cell phone # at http://www.donotcall.gov/

Someone REALLY needs to bait ALL of these ba$tards and SHOOT THEM, since the gov't won't do CRAP about it. And the "do not call list" is a TOTAL JOKE, but at least if you're registered you can sue the parasites.
  16th of Feb, 2007
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I hate Scholastic!!! 4x's a day they call me and hang up. I will never ever everevereverevereverever buy another book from them, I can't believe I was fooled. I would rather pay 10x's the price of a book from the book store then have to put up with their phone calls.
  17th of Feb, 2007
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If enough people call them back and when you get a human on the other end blow a referees whistle in their ear, then simply hang up. I think eventually they will get the message.
  22nd of Feb, 2007
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Scholastic Inc. 203-797-3222: These people call relentlessly! Always a hang up....until yesterday. I told them we were on the do not call list and the response was that I am a customer and that's why I'm getting the calls. I have never bought anything from them, and am NOT a customer. I filed complaints with the do not call website...maybe they will do something after I put in this name and number over 15 times!
  6th of Mar, 2007
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I ordered a "special" book offer for my 5 year old grandson from Scholastic, Inc. Now I am getting additional packages of books from them that I never ordered, and repeated calls from 203-797-3222, where no one ever speaks to me! I googled the number to find out it was Scholastic, Inc. I am sending all the books that I didn't order back to them.
  14th of Apr, 2007
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I get calls multiple times per day from the 203-797-3222 and no one is never there. It is so annoying.
  21st of Apr, 2007
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Political call center.False front for scumbucket scammers. Get yourself on the federal do not call list and your states if you have one.File a complaint report on every call.Tell them in no uncertain terms not to call you.File a criminal harassment complaint if they do not comply.

Send them a cease and desist letter to their mesa Arizona address certified mail.Sue them if you ever hear from them again.
  21st of Apr, 2007
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Sign up for do not call list.Then file federal complaint.

  24th of Apr, 2007
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This political call number refuses to remove my number from their call list. When I ask the callers to do so, they hang up on me! I have called back & left many messages & still get a call every day. They promised to remove me in up to 5 days & then tell me to have a blessed day! If anyone knows how to get them to stop calling me, please let me know.
  12th of May, 2007
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Scholastic keeps calling (203-797-3222 ). I called the (1-800-724-6527) number and asked to be removed. The very next day I got another call from them. I advised them that I had asked to be removed from their list just 24 hours prior. What was funny was the lady saying," So your son David will not be receiving any...". I do not have a son David and when she confirmed my address it was not mine. We have 5 kids so the chances were pretty high she might have gotten at least one of them right. After my mini-lecture to her about my troubles with them, she assured me that in a couple of weeks I shouldn't receive any more calls. This entire situation is after horrible "collection" type notices that I received from them last year after they had sent me something that I did not order, my kids got to it, played with it and tossed it after 3.5 seconds. When I called to inquire about the bill, they kindly told me that if I did not return what they had sent I was responsible for payment. I was livid and instructed them to remove me from every list they possessed including their beloved Christmas card list. Now I have to deal with this.
  18th of May, 2007
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I have been having trouble with 203-797-3222 (Scholastic) I was told to call 800-411-6706 its their At Home Dept. I was told my number will be removed within 24-48 hrs. We'll see if it works.
  21st of Jun, 2007
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I worked there... two days. That’s how long it took them to explain fully to me how badly they were going to rip me off. $240.00 termination fee on quit or fire. No final paycheck on final paycheck payday. No insurance, vac,. Nothing. Minimum wage on final paycheck. Hey folks if they try to do this to people they have to look in the eye, what do you suppose they’ll do with any funds you donate. This is a highrise office you pay for when you donate. They can’t explain what percentage goes to their cause. I quit immediately.

Their want ad said, and was correct... "work at the most prestigious high-rise in mesa". Then they steal the food right out of the mouths of their workers' families. Right to life, long as it's their life.
  22nd of Jun, 2007
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Any one know where PCC got our phone number?

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