4445 W Noble Ave Visalia, CAcashier was rude

As I entered the store, the. Cashier on duty at store 4445 W Noble Ave Visalia, CA at 10am was rude. He watched as two of my family members and me walked in. Watched us the whole time. And as we were checking out he opened bag and did not put our groceries/snacks in the bag. And as we walked out he sarcastically said, have a nice walk. It's rude and unprofessional of him. Does he treat all his customers like this!? Another customer heard him say that and watched him do that to. I am upset about this and would not like to see that cashier working there. This is not what I like to see or hear when I go into any store, let alone one that I am quickly visiting! This employee needs better customer training or get his attitude in check! You will be losing my business along with my families business for this unless it's taken care of!

4445 W Noble Ave Visalia, CA

Jun 02, 2018

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