414 207-3817 / Scam Best Buy text message

1 Seward, AK, US

I received the following text message: ATTN: Rewards Zone Member, you have won a $1000 Best Buy Gift Card! Go To (link) and enter code 8228 to claim!

It's bogus! You're taken to a website that looks like Best Buy and then asked for personal information. Don't give them any!

Stupid me I got this text message about winning a $1, 000 Best Buy gift card and fell for it. I went to the linked website and put in my personal information and then wound up calling Best Buy when my only choice to "claim" my gift card was a button that said 'No Thanks'. That's when I found out it was a scam. Luckily I didn't put in any credit card, or other financial, information but I don't like the fact that these scammers now have my land line phone number. Since I work rotating shifts I don't want unwanted calls throughout the day. I'm going to call my phone company and have the number blocked. I've already done that with my cell phone provider.

I can't imagine what use my address and phone number would be to a scammer. Hopefully, nothing bad will come of it. I would be very interested in hearing about what other experiences people have had from this scam, those of us that have fallen for it that is.

Hopefully, this post will keep other people from doing what I did.


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