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My husband and I have a very large outstanding tax debt, both Federal and State. I saw the ad for 411 Tax Relief on the TV and then online, so I contacted them. The lady asked me about all our tax debt, how long we've owed, etc. I had just received a Certified Letter from the IRS a few days prior, to add up with all the others I've received in the past 2 years. She tried to scare me by stating the IRS would be coming within the week to file a tax lien and I would lose everything if I didn't act immediately. She told me they are attorneys that have worked with the IRS before and they could PROBABLY reduce my tax debt but there was no guaranty. All for the mere fee of $3700.00! She wanted a down-payment of at least $500 on the phone, payable by credit card only (all my credit cards are closed due to bankruptcy proceedings). When I told her I'd have to think about it and speak with my husband, she still insisted on sending me paperwork via fax and email, and called 10 minutes later wanting the info signed and sent back immediately. I explained that I could not afford this fee and could not offer into a payment agreement due to my Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in progress. I also emailed her that I would not be using their service and she has continuously called and emailed me for the past 6 days since I spoke with her. I would not recommend this service to anyone - the fees cannot be refunded if they do not get you a reduction in your tax debt. You're better off dealing with the IRS yourself and offering an offer in compromise.


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      Jun 29, 2009

    If you are in bankruptcy, send the notice to the IRS when you get them on the phone... they cannot pursue enforced collections such as levies, while you are in bankruptcy. To hire anyone to resolve this while you are in bankruptcy is fruitless. Good luck with your ordeal, and really, if you have nothing, pursue an offer in compromise. I am glad to advise you, free of charge. [protected]

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      Aug 27, 2009

    #1. I am in no way affiliated with 411 Tax Relief.

    #2. Nothing in life is free. If you want to spend 50 - 100 hours researching your problem and "possibly" resolving it correctly, by all means, go right ahead and dont waste peoples time on the phone. Maybe the fees were high, i dont know. Maybe you like to jerk people around, who knows. From what you said, the rep did a good job. sent you the necessary paperwork right away, allowed you to pay only 500 up front, was very prompt about following up with you to make sure you received everything. What else do you want?

    #3. Maybe this tax professional realizes the seriousness of your situation and wants to help before it's too late or the problem becomes even bigger or worse.

    #4. You are a ###. You, as a non tax professional are advising people to deal directly with the IRS themselves and submit an offer in compromise? Are you aware of how few people actually qualify for it? Are you aware how the IRS likes to trap people over the phone and get them to admit things they should not? Heres an idea. The next time you get an idea in your little brain and decide you want to open your mouth, hit mcdonalds and stuff another burger into your face instead of trying to advise people who have serious tax problems. Maybe you're one of those people who dont know how to say the word "NO". I'm sure if you told this rep that you are not interested, you took care of the problem by yourself, you have no money and you are not interested. Something like that, you wouldnt be online crying about how they keep calling you. Grow up and learn how to be assertive.

    #5. I repeat, i'm no way affiliated with that company, just someone who finds it annoying that stupid people like to jerk people around, jerk them around some more and then get upset when the sales person keeps contacting you even though you fail to tell them you're not interested.

    Take it easy, loser.

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      Sep 03, 2009

    True statement! This is a case of wanting something for nothing. I looked at 411 Tax Relief, they have been in business 11 years and never been sued so they must be doing something very right.

    If you want work done you must pay for it! Shocking concept!!!

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