4 bs / general mgr

1 Butte, MT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4064941199

I have never seen a general mgr act as this one does.Throws things. Yells in the restaurant part of store.I do not take my family there anymore.. I had family in town from across the country. And I was embarrassed.Had to apologize to them for the way the mgr was acting. I have been in there several times seen her throw a rack for glasses and hit an employee. I know of two different people she has even physically put her hands on. I would never work there. I will never take family there again. I love the tomato soup.I will just make it at home. Until it is under new management I will never eat there again. Someone that will actually listen to complaints about this manager, you will continue to lose business.Word of mouth goes a long way IN BUISENESS.


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