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1 United Kingdom

I have experimented on one site to see what really goes into these people's mind and I know there are real scammers out there to prove my theory here's the site I made a deal with ok first of all if the site is letigimate why does it use htm at the end and not some professionaly paid domain name? another thing that will catch your attention the products they sell don't have a complete details they tell you they sell these products at a lower cost because they buy from the manufacturers also if you notice the site has a few grammar errors distributer? isn't is the right spelling for that is "Distributor"? they don't even have a payment gateway like paypal which is globally known even in UK or check2out or anything with creditcard as their payment options the only options they have is "WesternUnion" sorry to say this I've done research and all along I knew this is one of those honorably mentioned where scammers prey on those people looking for a great deal sure the prices can be deceiving but how one supposed to know that his/he money is at risk where it would fall on a thieft well to really dig into their scheme I contacted their sales manager her name is Kate Andernson ok first of all is that name supposed to be Anderson? or whatever does it matter No! well she gave me an insight on why they sell these products she tells me they buy it from the manufacturers and they have offices all over the world oh come on then why are those affiliated company you tell me are not posted on your site and the site don't even have a date when it was created copyright years.Well anyways she quoted me on the 3G Iphone 8gb she sent me an invoice which seems to me it's edited by a regular word perfect she said it was scanned boy who is she fooling? well anyways she gave me the details on whom I have to send the payment to her so called accountant named Debbie Shirley well ok so let's see what will go on ok so kate continues to communicate nicely trying to make me see that everything is going great the transaction is smooth but guess what all sudden I received this e-mail that says there was a shipping problem I knew this was going to happened and sure enough her so called boss is asking for additional payment or else he will hold the items so there it is Kate told me she pleaded that he don't have to hold the items for me since im understanding he can let the package go on transit and she'll deal with me for the additional payment which the mistake was they sent me 3 iphones and i have only paid for one and the promotion was you buy 2 and you get one for free I originally bought only one see it's confusing for others but for me is not so she sent me the tracking number for the shipment and the site i should track it which is well it looks like its real because it will say in transit it will also show what courier it's under too i know the shipping number can be tracked also to that site which is USPS well no fools would say hey ok it's letigimate so it conclude to my theory I went to USPS site and tracked that package it's say It was electronically notified by november of 2008 what date is it by the way ? it's FEB, 2009! well to make this story short I told kate you know what you are doing? preying on the innocents and frauding them out of their hard earned cash get a descent job and try to make a living so you know how it feels HAVE A HEART I doubt it if you even have one. SO BEWARE THEY ARE REAL PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING TO DEAL ONLINE I SUGGEST YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH.WITH LIFE CRISIS GOING ON EVERY CENT IN OUR POCKET IS VALUABLE.

3G APPLE Iphone

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