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3D Ranch Properties used to build high-end homes, luring in potential buyer to purchase an overly appraised property/home. Their land and home were well-furnished with expensive upgrades, livestock, horses and expensive vehicles. Both parties were involved with the mortgage contract, from start to finish, including having their personal notorary on site.

I was friends with these scammers and ended up losing my retirement in the 6-digit amount. I received 2 bad checks totaling $20, 000 that the small town district attorney did not want to prosecute. I was stuck with the payments of a Polaris that they used on the ranch, when the buyer stopped paying and the vehicle was in my name.

I was a real estate investor with their company. I was talked into purchasing an existing home, plus invest in a newly constructed home. Both homes have been foreclosed. One home had a second mortgage, thus leaving me with a $90, 000 debt after foreclosure.

Both homes were appraised by their 'personal appraiser, ' who last year committed suicide. Many of us have concluded that he took his life because of these fraudulent incidents. The appraiser was found guilty of providing false appraisals a few years prior.

I provided $47, 500 to one of the 3D Ranch Properties owners because of a piece of land that they wanted to develop. The land was to be in my name. I later learned that he pocketed my money, with no intentions to repay me for my loss. I was also out $42, 000 for a backhoe that he did not reimburse me for.

Many others have been ripped off by the people who own 3D Ranch Properties. Total damages are in the 7-digits. Now the owners have claimed bankruptcy, stopping victims from collecting their money.

It is true when you hear the statement that you can't trust your friends. This has been a terrible nightmare of stress and anger.

And what about the judicial system, you ask? I have an attorney. The unfortunate aspect is a 5 year wait for this case to go to trial. The anticipated end result is seeing two individuals incarcerated for a very long time.

If you watch the news, you have seen that mortgage scammers are paying the price, with both money and prison time. I believe that these two criminals will follow the trend. Greed was their goal, which will be costly.

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  • Su
      Apr 26, 2009

    I am a family member of one of the principals of the 3D Ranch. I frequently invested in property with them. However, something happened about 3-4 years ago...they lost the moral compass and let greed take over.

    I am also just a few years from retirement and have lost everything due to their greed and fraudulent activities. I also purchased a house that had been over valued by the same appraiser who committed just sold back to the bank. The first late payment I've EVER had in my credit history was this past September when I let the mortgage payment go late.

    I know for a fact they took money out of financing on the front end of loans they arranged, then took out money at closing. They routinely took cash out of a purchase using a second mortgage as the vehicle.

    I also have a lawyer but the process is slow. I have made my complaint to the State Attorney General. I am told that only that office can make the determination that the activities were criminal...without that determination it remains a civil case and much more difficult to settle.

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