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I placed an order March 22 for custom bedding for my 12-year-old daughter. Payment of $445US was made by paypal immediately after order was finalized. I was told fabric swatches would be mailed.

By May 6 the swatches didn't arrive, nor did the bedding. I sent a follow-up email asking very specifically when to expect the order. I received a reply on May 8 saying the swatches were sent by regular mail some time ago. The person who responded requested my address and said she would mail them again. She did not answer the question about the order. I asked again on May 8th very specifically 'where is my order.' No reply; no swatches.

By June 9, I started to realize I was being taken for a ride! I sent a message with the subject 'very concerned about order not received'. I said I would have to dispute it through Paypal if I did not get a response by June 9.

This time, I did get a response -- an out of office reply saying they would be back June 15. It said all paid orders up to June 4 were shipped. I gave the benefit of the doubt once again, but June 15 came and went without a response.

On June 23, I sent another email with the subject: 'Order not fulfilled - dispute resolution to commence.' After no reply, I contacted Paypal to find that I was beyond the 90 day-period I had to dispute. I then turned to my credit card company and it seems it may be possible to charge back the amount. I will update you as things proceed.

I searched through the negative eBay feedback left for this person. It was interesting to see almost all the complaints were about not receiving orders, and not receiving replies to email. She likes to blame spam filters for missing email messages, so I did a little test. I sent a fake inquiry under a different address and received a reply 2 days later.

Also interesting is that I found out during my investigation that this person is featured in the eBay Success Chronicles, released 11/2006 by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

The female proprietor had plenty of personal information in various places on the internet. I am perplexed as to how a mother with 3 sons (3 buttons) and 2 daughters (2 bows) who presents herself as such a model entrepreneur and parent can act in such a heartless way. All she ever had to do was respond: tell me what went wrong and either offer to fix it or give me my money back.

I tried every conceivable way of getting the attention of to resolve this issue myself.

After being ignored by (Heather, I believe), I was able to get all of my money back through my credit card company! Of course, before I went down that road I sent more than one email warning her of what I was going to do. I gave her every opportunity to save her (not-so-good) good name by giving me a credit. chose to ignore my request. has negative ebay feedback left for her fairly regularly about unfulfilled orders and unresponsive email. She always blames it on the customer. In my case, simply did nothing at all.

It took a lot of my time, energy, and then paperwork to get my money back from I hope this report will save someone else the same trouble.

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  • Kg
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    Wow, people are unbelievable. How shady. I am trying everything I can to get this website and awful person shut down so other people do not have to go through what we are going through. Did you file a complaint with the BBB? Please do!

  • Fo
      11th of Mar, 2011
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    This creature by the name of Heather Gillespie is the biggest fraud and liar of the 20th and 21th century. I read the latest negative on her claiming that her mom recently died as an excuse of not shipping items to lady over a month late. By the way her mother is alive and well. She is a sicko having to constantly made up lies as bad as the one I just pointed out. Please read my comments on her. She is not just a liar, scammer, but also a theif. She stolen my of her crafting ideas from over 25 former ebay handcrafted sellers and claiming it on all her online auctions that it is her originals. She had too many negative reviews in the past, but Ebay helped her to remove too many in the past. Ebay does nothing if you have complaints against her. They will help her to remove it cuz she is a gold member. Gold members makes between 10K and 25K monthly so that mean she paid lots of fees to Ebay Inc. Ebay cannot afford to loose that kind of money.

  • Sh
      21st of Apr, 2011
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    I am gong to post this on every one of Heather's complaints . The links I found as from this comments date, so any new ones will not be on here.

    Thanks Gotscambyheathergillespie for your PM to my complaint on Heather Gillespie . She is also known as Heather Mccready. Heather knows all the complaints on the web is true, so she cannot take them down. They are written by real people and all she can do now is directing the blame on someone else who used to sell on Ebay??? It sound like Heather is tryng to put up a smoke screen (Not surprised), but those that were scammed by her knows the true Heather Gillespie, AKA Heather Kemmelmeier or Heather McCready's true colors.
    People post on the web cuz Heather belongs to an Ebay business group (membership) and it the past helped her to remove most of her negative feedbacks. Ebay implemented a new feedback system several years ago. Negative feedbacks will always be removed 12 months from date entered. Heather did so many wrongs to people, so the only options for them is to place the truth about her on the internet and let buyers be awared!!!
    Lastly Heather is not human. I don't know what she is. A witch in the form of a human.

    After reading this person's complaint against Heather, I also doubt that PBK and all other brand names allowed Heather (anticyberbullying = Heather gillespie) and a few other handcrafters to infringe on their trademarks. NOne of us care about this other seller she is gong bah, bah, bah on. No one cares cuz she is not the one that scammed so many.
    Sorry Heather, you lies are just that!!!

    God bless Ms Heather Gillespie, AKA Heather Kemmelmeier AKA Heather McCready cuz she can't be religious at all. If she is, she would know what goes around comes around.

    Here is all the stuff I read about Heather on the website. On these links there are at more than 10 people telling the truth about her. I wonder if Heather is banging her head against the wall now???????

    /link removed/

    /link removed/

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