390 9 Ave 1 Floor Ny 10001 / mail pick up

1 New York, NY, United States

My name is jose luis molina address 1119 e gunhill rd rm 208 bronx ny 10467 mailing address 390 9 ave 1 floor ny 10001. Repoting matter were when I go to 390 9 ave 1 floor ny 10001 pick upmail there matter there person inside double doors been waiting for bank card eta master card deliverty between 7 to 10 days to jose luis molina there was also matter were this member need to be stop place alert enter usps terminal were pick upmail. Member focue my bank cards mail to location there person frame mail to primarty address 1119 e gunhill rd room 208 bronx ny 10467
My name jose luis molina [protected]-a

May 15, 2017

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