38 l solar dom / paid but no procude

1 United Kingdom

On the 20 July I was looking for a solar Dom so I when onto the internet to buy one as I stay in Ladysmith and there is now were to buy this product. I came up with your website and it look promising so I phoned Christine Nkomo to find out more about the product and she told me that it come with a India menu so I ask if it would work in south African and she said yes then I order one. She sends me an email to say I must pay the amount of R 2780.00 into PMElectronics. I phone to ask her is the transport included and if she got a silver one she said yes. So on the 25 July I paid the amount into the bank. She still asks me if I paid express I said no so she said she will have to wait until the money show before she can send it. (NOT TELLING ME THAT THE PRODUCK IS COMING FROM THE UK AND NOT TELLING ME THE MINIMUN ORDER IS 3) The following day I receive an email stating my order is on the way with the tracking number. I when onto the website to see were my order is then I realise it coming from the uk as it land in o Tambo another email arrives to say I must pay R1870.00 for airport taxes So I phone Christine to ask her what I must do with 3 solar Dom she said I must pay the R1870.00 then all 3 will come to me and she will sell the two and make sure that R1870.00 will be paid back to me so I paid the money. And on Friday the 29 July 2011 a another letter came though to say my order is on hold and that I must R3000.00 into their bank account then they will realise my order so I phone her and ask what happing and she said no the boss from uk is saying he can’t trust me and I must pay for the order so I writer to big o trading to say I want my money back. Christine Nomo send me an email that she is waiting for my email and that I would not get my R 1870.00 so that mean that they will give my R 2780.00 back the stock will go to them on my tax money .

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