34th ST. Camera & Computers Inc / Overpricing and fraudulent misrepresentation of product discounting

1 460 7th Avenue, New York, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 212.695.7111

Now sitting at home after our holiday in USA, which was blighted by walking into this shop, I can now see from several internet review websites that this shop has been practising its scams and unlawful business practices for many years and unless they are confronted and dealt with by the authorities they will continue.

They must think they are totally bullet proof after at least 4 years of scamming people. Here's my story to add to the sorry list of appalling internet reviews of a completely unethical, fraudulent and deceitful business.

Hindsight is wonderful but of little use when Ray, the S. O. B.(son of the boss) is working his "bait & switch" scam on you.

Your gut is telling you their cameras are overpriced, a Sony Cybershot box priced at $1, 600 and a Panasonic Lumix box priced at $6, 000, but he won't take no for an answer and somehow he gets you to sign up for the cheaper camera.

Then he won't let you go until you have signed for the more expensive camera, with a wide angle lens you don't want or need for $750 and a memory card for $435!! Lots of distraction by other shop staff and you just want out! Once away from the shop you realise what he has just done as the Panasonic Lumix model RRP is max $399, the lens is $20 and the memory card is $25. You have just been scammed out of $1, 750 because you are a tourist in New York!

So we went back to complain.

This is the only bit I can say I liked about the whole experience, Ray's look of shock when we walked back in the shop. He did not want to offer any refund as his claim is he has to price $399 cameras for $6, 000 because of the shop rental costs in New York. We have given Ray his opportunity to redeem himself, which he declined, so we have filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency and the Attorney General. So you have been warned. DO NOT ENTER THIS SHOP!!! The rating is of course 0.

Jul 30, 2014

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