30 Day Electronics "Exchange"manager not following corporate policy...

On 3/16/18 I, Robert Navarro, purchased an AUX cable at the Family Dollar (store #[protected] Teall Ave. Syracuse, Ny) @ 21:02:10. I tried out the cable knowing that if it had any manufacturers defects or didnt fit my headfones I'd only be allowed an exchange with in 30 days. Once trying the cord out I noticed that it defective and sounded distorted even when paired with alternative headphones. I tried returning the headphones the same night at the Family Dollar at 441 W Onondaga St
Syracuse, NY [protected] because i live across the street. They told me i had to exchange it at the store I bought it at. I tried to exchange the cord today at approximately 5 pm4/14/18 at the original store from which I purchased it only to be denied the exhange bc the manager accused me of using it this whole time. Honestly what is the exchange policy for other than to give a short period of time to say, " Hey if this products can't last 30 days we will allow you to see if maybe your device was defective, hopeing the one you exchange it for is not defective.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Syracuse, NY" I didnt appreciate being accused of trying to use the product just long enought to get a new one. And either way it sounds like the policy is the remedy to that situation. Its re'll
£ally upseting to recieve this bad service. I shop at my Family Dollar almost daily. All i want is a new cord. I shouldn't have to be stuck with a product because the manager wants to say that beacuse it almost past the 30 days that that disqualifies the exchange as if its past the 30 day limit. Also the Manager "Kristy" i believe, asked why i didnt come back sooner as if i were past the 30 days. I dont live near that store location so it really sucked to also have to pay for 4$ worth of bus passes their and back, for nothing. As well an employee named "Lacie" was at the 441 W Onondaga St Syracuse, NY [protected] location when I attempted to exchange the cord about 3 weeks ago so if ive been trying to return it since the night I bought it how could I have been using it till now. The only benifit id get for exchanging the products would be to actually have one that works. My name is Robert Navarro, [protected] is my Email, and my phone number is [protected].

Apr 14, 2018

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