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3 Mobile Phones (Third Generation 3G Mobile Network) / I am being charged even though i cancelled my account

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I would like to complain about 3 mobile phone company. In November/early December 2006.I informed 3 mobile phone company that i wanted to cancel my contract with 3, they told me that i couldn't cancel because it was a 18 month contract. I told them that i still wanted to cancel my contract with them. They informed me that i would have to pay till the end of the contract. I asked how much this would cost and they said £114.00 i paid the amount asked. Then in jan i received a bill from 3 stating that i owed £111.00 i tried to explain that i had already paid the final amount they asked for. They now said that the final statement for my account was £111.00 this would be the last bill for my phone.Mean while i had received a mobile phone over the Christmas period that i had never even asked for. I phoned 3 they said that they never sent it and i had to get into the company who sent the phone but the contract was apparently from 3. I got in touch with the company that had sent me the phone i explained that i have not ordered the phone and i no longer had a contract with 3 and i did not want to go with them again. I sent the phone that i never took out of its packaging back to the phone company. Again i got a bill from 3, when i contacted them they said that the bill was for a new phone that i had received over Christmas, i tried to tell them that i had sent the phone back but they told me hat the company that had sent the phone had not informed them (3) so the contract was still open. I got onto again the phone company that sent the phone they told me that they had informed 3. Now i have debt company's phoning me all the time saying that i owe 3 £149.00 !! I dont know where this amount has come from.I need help please to sort this out, it seems to me that its me versus 3, the mobile company, the debt collector i cannot take it any more. I am disabled and suffer from depression and this is making me even more ill. I cannot afford to pay anymore money to 3 as far as i am concerned, i cancelled my contract with 3, i did everything they asked me to do, i have paid them £215.00 approx. I dont know what to do now. Thank you Mr L Whiteley.

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  • Sh
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Please all users be aware that when issuing a new contract with 3 network over the phone with a telesales person, that you record all correspondence. I wanted a new contract as they were offering a good deal. But too my surprise when i received the handset and contract details it was completely different to the one I agreed. The agreed monthly price should be £25 not £35 + £5 unlimited Internet access, I wanted a business contract not a private contract, agreed a 12 month contract not 18 months and finally agreed 750 min not 500min. If you are thinking about getting a 3 Network, change you mind and get something else.

    If you don’t want the contract within the 14 days, you cant even turn the phone on and adjust the time, because apparently it becomes a used headset and they are liable to charge you for the handset (unbelievable) . Total scam

  • Jo
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    I hate 3, absolutly despise them.

    I took a contract out over 18months with 3, and half way through the contract the phone failed to work.
    I phoned three to explain the situation, and to request that i just wanted to drop to the lowest line rental and see the rest of the contract out until able to cancel.

    Wait till you here this... despite the situation with the phone, and it being obvious by my bills that there was no usage either going to or from the phone the conversation and options that were given to me defied logic.
    I could only reduce my line rental by £5 per month, and was to be charged £25 everytime i did.
    I was obviosly very unhappy about this, however was quoted that it was 3 policy over and over again.
    The other option that was presented to me was that despite informing the advisor that the phone i had no longer worked that i should sign up for another 6 months on top to escape the charges.
    When asking how i should have been informed about these charges in advance i was told that i, ( again after informing the advisor about the situation with the phone) was told i could visit three on my handset, or in case i had a moment in my mind on the "off chance to check" could bob in to a shop.
    I incurred the charges whilst being very angry.
    I cancelled my contract in Oct 2007. With a balance totalling the charges due to my anger telling me i should not pay. I recieved phone calls regarding setting up a payment plan to clear the £75 pounds and again refused to set up a payment plan.
    I heard nothing then from three - not a letter or a phone call untill 15th july 2008.
    Telling me i had to pay £53 or go to debt collection agancy... 9 months later.

    I wrote to 3 back when i first contacted 3 regarding the phone, writing to Glasgow as the advisor advised.
    I recieved no response, although apparently it is listed on my account.
    I have since tried to get in touch with with the site by phone. Only to be told by every advisor that "they" dont have a telephone number.
    This asstounds me! Even when asked that someone, anyone in the call centre should not have a telephone number for a site within a business the answer is no.
    Therefore i should imagine taking complaints for three must be a very cushy job, where al you do is read letters, rather than respond to them, and never recieve a phone call, nor make them.
    Maybe they are based in a library for training so they can brush up on there reading.

    Absolutly disgusted with 3 mobile... in my opinion, if anybody takes a three contract, with poor coverage, poor customer service advisors who are unable to deal with basic queries and basic english and with contract terms that are based to milk every penny they can out of the consumer then im affraid... you need a mental health worker.

  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I totally agree. 3 deal with agents who send 'fake' messages to your phone telling you that 'as a loyal customer of Orange you are entitles to a free phone'. Thinking that this was from Orange I had the phone delivered only to dind it COULD NOT BE ACTIVATED. I asked for the phone to be collected but 3 said because it was sent through their agents it was not their fault and the contract had to stand. I HAVE RETURNED THE PHONE- HAVE NEVER USED THE PHONE BUT THEY REFUSE TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT. I ABSOLUTELY HATE 3 AND THE METHODS THAT THEY USE TO GET CONTRACTS. What can I do.
    The office of fair trading say that ' scamming' - the method of pretending you are one network to sell a contract is being investigated.
    Anyone out there with any ideas let me know I am sick of the calls from India at weekends, Bank Holidays and evenings asking for money. Help

  • Ir
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I have just been contacted by Advance Telecoms Debt Collection Agency threatening me with legal action if I dont pay a bill that has already been paid. The account was passed to them on 4th Sept for a bill that was not due to be paid until 15th September and was paid on the 9th, . My husband has been threatened withg legal actrioon for not payiong a bill that by 3's own admission has never been sent. The Indian call centres are rude, the debt collection agents are ignorant and 3 shoud be stripped of it's license. We have been in contact with the executive office in Glasgow and they begged us not to contact Otelo - too right - the next organisation we'll be contacting is Watchdog followed by our solicitors

  • We
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    i received a phone call whilst on holiday from free upgrades. Thinking this was a division of my mobile provider i agreed to a very good offer. the fact that they seemed to know all my details - when my contract ended etc. added to the fact that it was my network, it wasnt until the end of the conversation they said the provider would be with 3. I also found that my contract did not end until 6 weeks later. I now have a phone that does not ring half the time, the alarm only works maybe 3 days a week, everything is so intermittent that i cant rely on it. I cannot speak to anyone from my handset, so have to call from my landline to a premium rate number, and cant get through to anyone except an indian call centre, where nothing gets resolved. The only thing that is guaranteed is that the direct debit will be taken on time !! How this company is still running is beyond me. I have called customer services 8 times in the last 2 weeks since i have had this phone, as well as text, and emailed via the web site to report these faults with the phone, but no one is interested in resolving this. I was told i could end the contract by paying for the next 17 months rental !!! Someone needs to step in and allow all these mistreated customers some "get out "clause. I whole heartedly think 3 should be investigated, scam cold callers, faulty goods, and no avenue for resolution, just pay, pay, pay. This is a total disgrace, if anyone reading this has the foresight to research 3 before signing up, save yourself a lot of hassle and stay well away.

  • Ma
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I've had trouble with these ###s..sent me my contract phone which was useless..I sent it back..they phoned me and said another phone is on it's way..2 weeks and god knows how many phone calls later no phone...then someone from 3g contacted me.. apollogised for not sending my new phone but said if you pay£5 special delivery it will be there in the morning..burke me paid the fiver..guess phone so I canceled..I've had threats from solicitors ever since totaling £500 give or take a few quid..sod em they are not getting it..I've told these solicitors to produce the couriers signature for delivery of the phone and bills for the calls made on this none existant phone..they can't produce them as they don't exist.further more I've wrote letters to these solicitors begging to be taken to court..WE'VE GOT TO MAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS 3G CRAP...

  • Na
      26th of Oct, 2008
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    I am another extremely angry customer of 3G and have just completed a letter of complaint to the company. I have paid for my entire 18 month contract, all on time, yet have only been able to use my phone for approx 12 months of this.

    I really couldnt afford to have the money taken out my account each month then have to top up my old 02 pay as you go phone, which has turned out to be much more reliable. Basically, my 3 handset was rubbish, it broke down and had to be sent off for repair but I didnt get it back for 2 months!! This is because I had requested my phone to be sent back to the 3 shop as opposed to my address, ironically to ensure delivery. But, there was a mix up of address (not my fault, was either the post office or 3) on the database.

    During this 2 months I still had to pay for my contract, but 3 didnt provide me with a handset to use in the meantime. Only a short while after I eventually got my phone back, it stopped charging properly so I phoned customer services to get it repaired and they said I'd have to pay. This is absolutely ridiculous, I refused to pay so was stuck with paying a monthly bill for a useless phone. Also, throughout all my dealings with 3, I received unbelievably bad service from the incompetent staff in the store.

    Can anyone help me to find some information that will back up my case for a refund of at least a few months of my contract? I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle but it really angers me what these people get away with.

  • Lu
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    Guys, I've had problems with 3 myself. I kept getting disconnected from all my calls every 2-3 minutes. This had been going on for over a month and when I'd contacted them they were adamant it was my phone, despite testing my sim cardwith another phone and it being fine. They'd informed me to go to a 3 Store to get it repaired and when I arrived the Store assistant told me that it was a network problem and even they didn't know when it would be sorted! I'm being told different stories by different peopel from the same company so I was quite outraged! Even afterwards, I'd rang cutomer services and they where very patronising and had the audacity to tell me I was wrong!

    Either way, what's done is done, I will be informing Otelo and Ofcom. It has driven me to creat a blog:
    where I have provided a few details about how to get complaints sorted and to post complaints. check it out and drop me an email if you would like your complaint posted on my site (i've emailed a few of you above already).

  • Ma
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I am with 3 for 18 months contract. Now i am on the 12 months running. In the last 3 weeks the mobile network does not work in the area i am living. I called them regarding this issue. The said we will check your mobile first. But all my friends who are with 3 visiting my place. their 3 network does not work. I am will confuse what to do? How can i take some legal action regarding this matter.

  • Ih
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    waste of space, worst customer service team ever, poor english, ill trained, more intent on passing you onto another department than trying to solve the problem, no call backs when promised, surprise surprise, always the same rubbish time and time again, the CEO of 3 should be ashamed of the team he over sees, a sham of a business. take a word of advice, "STAY AWAY FROM 3" you would be better off with 2 tin cans and a bit of string.

  • Gh
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    Please dont get me started on 3, i have been a loyal customer for 5 (yes thats right 5) yrs, always paid my bill, always upgraded, even brought my number to them.

    So heres my pridiciment, on the 28th of feb 09, i received a text telling me i was nearly over my credit limit, i called the customer services department to find out what this credit limit was and why it was there as its not something i asked for, i was told "we apply a £350 credit limit on all account for chargeable service, as you pay your bills this get replenished" i was thinking so in other words i can run up a £350 bill before i get barred, then i asked how it had got so high as there is no way i could have run up that much in a few days since my last bill. i got told that there had been a direct debit indemnity processed on my account, to my suprise i was asking who and what, as its not something i would ask for, neither would my bank without my asking them. so they put the account under investigation (blocking all chargeable services in the mean time).

    About a week passes and still no word, when i get my regular monthly bill on the 3rd of march, informing me my bill would be £585 and that i had received £506 of refunds, i obviously was straigth on the phone, to query what the **** was going on, i was told that i had received £506 worth of checks in the mail, and that now the outstanding ballance was £585, i siad i had nopt received any check in the post and that i was very unhappy about this and that i wanted it investigated further. i was told that the origional investigation still was in effect and that the bill would not go throught, only £35 which is my usual monthly balance. i hung up just after that, then on the 16th march my billing date guess what happened £585 was debited from my account, i was straight on the phone to them, and yes i lost my temper, i refused to speack to the customer service representive only to a manager, when i was told i could not untill i had tried to talk to them, i told them if was now beyond that point, evently i got throuhgt to a manager who told me basacilly what i knew already and that he would look into it, i told him someone would have to take responsibility at there comp[any and make sure its delt with, i then gave him 24 hours or i would take the matter further, 24 hours later still nothing, so on the phone i am again trying to explain to anther reprensative what has happened to that point, this time i mad emy intentions crystal clear, i told them i wanted this rectified immediatly and that i want my phone contract cancelled (i had 4 months left to run) which considering the ill treatment i have received that is not to much to request, i also asked them to release my number.

    it is now 2 weeks after, and i have called them again today only to find that the investigation had conclueded (i had not been told of this) and that the checks were issued on the 18th feb and cashed on the 23rd feb, so as far as there concerned that is the end of the matter. i told them that that was not a satisfactory outcome as 1, i have not received the checks, 2, my account is still active and 3 i have never been informed at any point throughout the investigation. i have now gotten to the point where im losing my temper, i even threw my mobile across my bed, fortunaly it hit the pillow not the wall.

    I have spoken to the police and there is nothing they can do, a solicitor can do nothing either. so for those of you whgo feel like its you agaist them i know what thats like, but rest assured I AM NOT LETTING THIS REST i will get me contract cancelled, and i will get a refund and hopefully retain my number that i have had for the past 10yrs.

  • Li
      9th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My partner received a letter from 3 claiming that he owed an outstanding debt of approx £300 and are now closing the account. My Partner has not been with this company approx 6 years or more and when he was he changed from a contract deal to pay as you go. As far as he is concerned there is no outstanding debt to pay, so we have wrote a letter back for 3 to provide evidence of this matter in an itemised break down format. We have received a letter back saying that they have to protect customers information as the address registered on the account is different to where we live now (do they realise people do actually move and luckily we know the people that live at the old address for them to past on this letter) but surely they can review the matter when you have proved them with an account number that they alleged belongs to my partner on the first letter received. What concerns me even more so is that in the secord letter that they sent claiming to protect customers rights, they have informed my partner to speak to a Mrs Saunders and for her to write or ring them, so my partners details can be added to her account - but who is this person??????? What are 3G intensions of this. I have replied back asking for this matter to be investigated because if this debt belongs to a Mrs Saunders and is using our old address, then isn't this fraud!!! Now we have to wait to see what they reply.

  • Ni
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    Even thought I cancled my contract over three months ago, they are still sending me bills and cannot resolve the matter. They contact me at my home, weekly hoping that I pay the bill over the phone.

    Solutioon - I dont have much time, but I have resolved to stand outside one of Three's shops on 6th of June (D.Day) 2009, and dissuade potential Three customers from starting a contract. Also at every possible opportunity when passing a Three a three shop I will do the same for as much time as I can spare.

    To realy cause problems to Three, I will contact the the news so that the problems that Three are causing their ex/customers can be reported.

    If you want to bring down a company you hit them where it hurts, in their pocket.

    If you are interested contact me at

  • Da
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I currently have two mobiles and 1 internet chip frm 3. In february 2009, i was contacted by a 3 staff memeber from their overseas call centre and told that i was a high value customer. The member of staff told me that because of this, they were going to reward me by upgrading my phone, which meant they would send me a brand new top of the line handset and broaden my package out to offer me more new minutes and video time. I asked numerous times to check that this was correct. I confirmed that the number would stay the same as my existing phone. Each times i was told yes.

    I was suprised to find a very old (model) looking mobile arrive that week. Low and behold, it contained a new phone number for the phone and informed me it was a new phone with a new number and new 18 month contract - basically i'd been conned into accepting a new phone contract for an additional mobile phone.

    I was furious and phoned 3 immediately. There customer service is useless. You get stuck on the phone for more than 20 minutes detailing the problem before they tell you you need to speak to someone higher up the line. You get transferred and have to start all over again. I made 9 calls made to them with each call typically taking in the region of 1 hour each to close.

    By the end of february, i felt the issue had been resolved. I was told to discard the phone they had sent me and not to return it as it did not warrant the collection cost and was essentially a free gift. The additional contract was (suppossedly) cancelled.

    It is now April 30th 2009. I have been billed for this additional phone every month for the last two months. I called today to find out they have only limited notes about me calling to complain about the misselling of a phone and the contract was never cancelled. Further, because the phone was not returned within 14 days, the contract stands and i need to carry it through to 2010 or pay off the contract in full!

    All i can say is the customer service at 3 is a waste of time. You will spend hours telling them things and the poor english levels, and lack of power means nothing ever happens. I have cancelled my direct debit and am trying to force 3 to take me to court over this now, as i have made every reasonable effort to resolve this with them over the phone, wasting hours in the process.

    Please, don't waste your time with 3 mobile. They are only interested in selling you a phone, then when things go wrong you get the run around permanently. 3 do not publish any UK phone numbers, so you can only speak to their call centre staff in india - who can't do anything but pass you to another department in circles.

    it's a shame because the phone service has been okay, it is the constant misselling of additional phones - even sending out items you did not want and then claiming you ordered it. It will cause you real problems.

    Just look at the number of people on here that this has happened to.

    3 mobile is not worth dealing with. Go to one of the big operators - avoid 3 like the plague.


  • Wi
      10th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    How 3 is still a running business boggles me. My 18 month contract with 3 expires on 14.05.09 (4 days time), so I was planning on upgrading. Went online, chose the mobile that I wanted, noticed that the deal they were offering wasn't amazing, so thought I'd haggle instore for a better deal. Before I walked the 3.4 miles to my nearest 3 store I had spoken to 2 independent 3 customer service reps, both of who knew which phone I was planning to upgrade to, and both of whom said an instore upgrade was easiest.

    Needless to say within 30 seconds of arriving within the store I was told that all stock of this particular model had been recalled five weeks ago and was only upgradable to by phone (online upgrades not working, surprise surprise(!)). I've had bad experiences with 3's phone customer service before, so I'd really wanted to avoid contacting them. Then the member of staff told that I probably wouldn't get the phone I wanted anyway, unless they happened to have them in stock and then I'd have to accept the initial deal instead of trying for a cheaper offer. There was no effort at all to solve the problem that 3 had created and in the end the employee just stopped talking to me and sat there, so I left and went straight into Phones 4 U to see what they would offer me.

    Imagine my delight at finding that they would give me the phone I wanted with unlimited texts and DOUBLE the amount of minutes that 3 were offering for the same price - 3 weren't going to be able to top that. There was only one thing left to do: Obtain a PAC code from 3. What followed was hideous; the worst "customer service" I've ever experienced. I've obtained a PAC code from T Mobile before within seconds, no problem. Not the case with 3.

    Like other people here I had the same experience of waiting 5 minutes to talk to someone who wasn't a machine, and then another 10 minutes to be transferred to someone else despite choosing the correct options on the automated system. This lady (based outside the UK) was very insistent that I stay with 3, and had obviously been trained for her job with a crash course in enemy-interrogation. Rudest lady ever, v. aggressive tone and attitude and interrupted me every 2 seconds. I spent literally 20 minutes and 33 seconds just begging for the PAC code, whilst she barked at me "What is your new offer?" and "Just let me give you a new offer and we'll see if it's cheaper." After 10 minutes she changed her tactic to "I'll give you a PAC code if you tell me what your new offer is and just listen to a new offer". Unbelieable. I get that they want to try and keep the customers who have wised--up and are trying to bail but JESUS! I was in the middle of a Phones 4 U high street branch having a fight with someone on the other side of the world about something that 3 are legally obliged to deliver if requested. I can't even begin to explain how embarassing it was having everyone in store stare at me, head in my lap, just pleading for a stupid PAC code.

    What scares me most is that if 3 had delivered what they offered in the first place I'd have probably stayed with them so as not to have to go through the effort of changing network. 3 have no idea how to handle their customers and as if my experience wasn't disgusting enough, I'm now being told that as I didn't give "notice" I'm going to have to pay for another months worth of rental with 3. Absolutely disgusting. So they treat their loyal customers like **** and then charge them for it??? Charming. Have written a letter of complaint, with the minimum aim being to get my notice charge refunded. Here's to hoping...

  • Ho
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    i have one word for 3g ripoff

  • Gj
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    Same as that! They are deceiptful, they are bullies and they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Somebody please put a stop to this ******* company!

  • Wi
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    update: Not only would they not refund the charge, but have billed me a further month. Received yet another bill today showing £0.00, but still really annoyed as I told them to delete all of my details following the last bill so that they were unable to contact me in the future. Unbelievable.

  • Fi
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    I agree wih all of you, i have already wasted so much time on 3 with their indian call centre (abusive, unhepful, ignorant) that i can't even be bothered to write my situation here. All i will say is that i will never ever use 3 again and will be advising everybody i know the same thing.
    I can't even complain to them as the last abusive, unhelpful, ignorant person i spoke to advised me when i asked for an address/email/phone number to complain that there wasn't one and it was just tough luck! surely this is illegal.
    Not that it would do me any good judging by some f the other posts!

  • Dw
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    I was with 3 for a number of years. Whenever they stopped riding piggy back with o2 their coverage in my area was poor, I stopped my direct debits with two months remaining because without fail their customer service failed numerously to deal with the matter in hand. Subsequently I am being threatened with court over the two months payment which i am refusing to pay.

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