2WELLWATCH800-59 MU P / I have no idea why I have a fraudulant chage of $59.00 from my banking

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I was changed for something of which I never purchased or authorized. I called my back and they gave me a phone number 2WELLWATCH 2WELLWATCH
[protected]-6MUp it has been disconnected. Please call me with a resolution of something

Thank you,
Annette Lynn Chevoya!

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  • Ji
      Jan 14, 2009

    I also have had fraudulent charges on my account.

    Two from "2WELLWATCH" for $59.90 and $0.48, as well as one from "WELWATCHMD" for $1.48.
    I believe these charges were linked to an online purchase I made from for a teeth whitener (total scam)

    I filed a police report, requested a new card number, and filed a fraud report with my credit union.

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  • Sc
      Jan 23, 2009

    me three still in cahoots with the bank and police.two charges for $59.00

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  • So
      Feb 11, 2009

    I two recived this bogus charge-its happening to alot of people, beleive it comes from a hidden site. Its definately fraud so do file a police report-did you happen to incur thi bogus charge at/about the same time you ordered a health supplement?(so to speak.) and was it from GNS labs?-they are perpetuating a huge scam with their ACAIBERRY DETOX andSLIM SEDUCTION-check into other scam sites- on these products-fraud, multiple non-ending charges..good luck-sofie-i-will-get you acaiberry detox andNEAL P> FROM THE SCAM SITE"IDEAL FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS"-there will be blood you ### sucking scammers!

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  • So
      Feb 11, 2009

    noo, fight this they got your charge number fom another online ad like ACAIBERRY DETOX-is illegal-you can fight back-file a police report-alot of people are getting hit with this-sofie.

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