2nd Ave. Value Stores / Poor Customer Service

1 10 Stemmers Run Rd., Essex, United States
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I had been a loyal customer of this store for nearly 30 years. Over the past couple of years I had been having trouble with an aggressive customer. This customer has a long history of this behavior in the store, not only toward customers but toward the employees as well. It got to the point where he was threatening me with harm, so I sought assistance from the store management, which they failed to provide. I decided I would take my complaint higher up the ladder to the corporate office. I had a face to face meeting with the CEO, Mr. Ed Costantini. His first words to me were that I should find another place to shop. He also suggested I should call the police if I felt I was in danger. Beyond that, he indicated he would not deal with customer issues.

About a month ago I had an incident with the the other customer. He snatched an item out of my hand, and I said my piece to him and walked on. Apparently, exchanging words and walking away was not enough for him. He proceeded to throw a fit in the store, yelling, screaming, and repeatedly threatening to harm me. Eventually he spoke with the manager, who ultimately asked us both to leave and not come back. I have since been trying to reason with the CEO and other members of the upper management, but to no avail. They have been adamant throughout all of this that they have done everything they can to help me. I disagree. If they'd done everything they could to help me none of this would have happened. All I asked for was to be able to shop in peace and safety and they did not provide that. When a loyal customer of nearly 30 years has been banned from the store, you know you've done something wrong.

I was also subjected to "bag audits" as the company calls them, on several occasions. The manager would rummage through my bags after I made a purchase with no reason for doing so, other than wanting to know what I paid for my items. I feel I was targeted for this practice, as it was not a practice I had seen used with any other customer.

If you live in the MD, VA, PA, NJ area I would highly recommend not shopping at any 2nd Avenue location.

May 22, 2015

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