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2B Wireless / Scam and cheating

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2B Wireless
T-Mobile told me I needed to purchase a new SIM card before enrolling a new phone for service. I went to 2B Wireless (BEWARE!! You can't tell from the front or the signage that it is NOT a regular T-Mobile store! It does not say '2B Wireless' on the front of the store; it only says 'T-Mobile' leading you to think it is a regular T-Mobile store!) and purchase the SIM card, but was told they could not set up the service; I had to go to Best Buy or another T-Mobile direct retailer.

Ok, fine. I took the SIM card I purchased at 2B wireless and went to Best Buy to hook up the phone with T-Mobile service. At BestBuy, I am informed that I do NOT need the SIM card, and to return to the store where I bought it for a refund. I was assured they would have to give a refund since the card was not used at all and never installed in the phone.

Returned to 2B wireless to return the SIM card for a refund, and was told, 'no refunds, its on your receipt.' Correct me if I'm way off here, but isn't a refund policy printed on a receipt just a bit 'too little, too late?' A receipt assures I've already purchased the product, so how exactly is printing a return policy on a receipt informing me of my return options, since by the time I'm informed, its too late anyway???

Great scam. I filed a complaint with T-Mobile directly, as I advise all other scammed by 2B wireless to do. With enough complaints, they will remove 2B as an 'authorized' T-Mobile retailer, which with the lack of business ethics they exhibit, they should be. I don't know why T-Mobile would want such an unethical company associated with their good name!

Also, file a complaint with BBB (Better Business Bureau) even if they are not registered! Many people search the BBB to lookup businesses before deciding whether or not to do business with them, so at least we can try to keep others from being scammed by 2B wireless!


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N  29th of Jul, 2009 by 
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just an fyi there happens to be literature posted around the store, mainly right at the checkout area of the return policy.
D  12th of Nov, 2009 by 
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Sounds like miscommunication. I've used 2B Wireless, no complaints. I am sorry to hear you frustrations however.
A  10th of May, 2010 by 
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AGREE those who are defending that store must be employee or releatives...jajajajaja you guys are a joke and sooner or later you will go down on your own...you can only attack so many until the public gets smarter...your just another virus 2B WIRELESS AND YOUR NAME SAYS IT ALL YOU WANT 2 BE A WIRELESS STORE BUT YOUR NOT!!! YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE!!
A  20th of Sep, 2010 by 
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I couldn't agree with you more! It was by far the worst experience I've ever had with any company and 6 months after purchasing my phone, I'm still dealing with this. Wrote a blog about my experience to let others know NOT to ever step foot in their store. Please share it with others if you are as livid as I am.

N  22nd of Oct, 2010 by 
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What did the SIM card cost? $20???

There are a lot of more important lessons one can learn, and if they only cost $20 then it would be a lot easier to handle. I realize that are upset on the principal of what happened to you, however in today's world the shopper can no long claim ignorance as people are relying less and less on basics of customer service and more and more on the inepitude of their customers. I know that when I used to sell T-Mobile service SIM cards were somethign that we were unable to return as well, but typically because we did not allow the customer to leave without that card being activated.

Again, if it only cost you $20 to get rid of a stress would it be worth it? I would probably say yes.
N  7th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I am a former employee of this company and I know their scams and excuses. They are one of the most corrupt companies I have ever seen and dis-pleasures working for. What service you get is all dependent on which employee you speak to. Beware though, they are all con artists in one way or another.
A  7th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I never did get my money back from them. In fact, they asked me to re-activate the sim card for 4 months while still paying the monthly fee for a line I don't use, so I could get my $200 back. Absurd. Let's waste more money. T-Mobile ended up stepping in and just crediting my account $200 which helps with my monthly phone bill. I left multiple messages and emails with the owner of 2B and NEVER once heard from him, only his associates who were completely useless.
N  13th of Jan, 2011 by 
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You say that only employees and family support 2b wireless no doubt you are a bitter ex employee that couldnt sell crap and was let go..Let the bitterness go. Loser. "Funny how all the people that hate 2bwireless are from queen creek...your either the same piece of trash OR you work at a corporate store in queen creek and are tired of losing business to a company BETTER then you. DOUCHE BAG. Leave your real name. It could it be the same LOSER (Dan G) making a fake account. Why dont you say who you REALLY are scared [censor] hiding from behind a computer probably sitting watching gay porn, [censor]!!
D  13th of Jan, 2011 by 
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Your name says it all CHUMP! Lol werent you in one of the WORST markets? The stores that NEVER did activations and were ALWAYS stealing . Never opened stores on time and they eventaully had to close them because NO ONE could be responsible. Being an ex employee you were probably the shadiest of all, hence why you sit in front of a computer [censor] talking. Loser. Get a job. Bitter much. Leave a real name puss.
N  16th of Jan, 2011 by 
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YouKNOW who
Give me your address and I'll come tell you my name in person.
N  4th of Jan, 2012 by 
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2B Wireless - No Service Provided
2B Wireless
United States

The point is mute. T-Mobile has horrible service in the Yuma area. I do not get reception at my house, my work, and only intermittent reception between the two. This is where I spend about 80% or more of my life so I am a very disgruntled customer. They of course want to charge me $100's of dollars to cancel my account so I can get a carrier who provides service to my area. 2B Wireless sells T-Mobile phones in a area where T-Mobile doesn't work! Of course they don't want to refund money.
N  4th of Feb, 2012 by 
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I am an ex employee and I can assure everyone who visits this site this company is extremely shady, for those who question it simply visit a corp. T-Mobile store and ask them. They will confirm the stacks of complaints they have to clean up left by 2B Wireless. Sad thing is it appears TM isn't willing to do anything about it just yet due to the fact these stores run without a dollar from T-Mobiles pocket and 2B undoubtedly sells a lot of there phones. The sim cards 2B Wireless sells for $20 are free at corp. stores if you have an account or you are gettin new service. You should have never been charged for it. For example we had a sales associate sell a mobile broadband unit to a 15 year old girl on her mothers account. The mother was overseas for the military providing the blanket of freedom these scammers sleep under when the daughter came in and was talked into buying the unit while being assured it wouldn't increase her mothers bill so it would basically be free due to a "special" being run. To top things off the girl was rung out for the most expensive package available which is around $80 per month. The mother was never called, even though it clearly never showed the daughter having authorization on the account to make any purchase decisions. The mother was obviously in total shock when her bill increased by over $80 (plus taxes) and called TM and she was informed that she would have to visit the retailer who sold it to her to fix the issue, being overseas she wasn't back in Thre country for another 6 months later. Paying over a total of $500 in above what she truly owed because she needed to keep her daughters cell phone active while she was in Afghanistan. When she got back to the U.S. she came in 8 hours after her plane landed to fix the situation and did so in very professional manner, not blaming me for the situation and was very kind. The sales associate had moved on at this point and I knowing the sales person and knowing this was a common practice for this sales associate who had a well know repuation of lying to make deals it was quite obvious she was being honest even bring in proof she was out of the country on the purchase date, and she was the only person authorized to add this product. This cannot be handled by a store level employee and the owner would have to get involved to fix this. When told about the issue he stated it wasn't 2B Wireless's problem and suggested that the lady should call the police ion her daughter for impersonating her mother at the time of purchase. Considering the mother was near 50 years old!!! He wouldn't lift a finger to assist the customer, These are all common practices I assure you. Again you don't have to take my word do your own investigating then pass the word! It is also a great example of how againstrecessionscams responed on this forum on the kind of people who work there. No attempt to fix the issue just attack the person making the claim. I know when my side small business makes a mistake I take responsiblity and listen and attempt to fix Thre problem not insult them.
N  4th of Feb, 2012 by 
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Actually by zip code they can verify if there is bad service and if that is truly the problem bypass 2B Wireless and go to Tmobile. They have in there contract that if you move or are in a bad service area you can be exempt from your contract. The shady people who run the company don't want u to know that because they make over $140 for your activation. If you return it with 90 days they get squat. Call T-Mobile.

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