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I have used 25 pound logo prior to starting up my company and being on a tight budget seemed like a safe move considering their previous work was OK.

I sent over my request and ideas and received logos that were direct copies of other companies logos!! Not only that, they had copied other companies that are in my industry who have had their logos copy-written.

Seeing as they sell copyright I complained to them and asked for them to present fresh drafts.

I only received 3 new drawings as apparently I had used up some of my drafts with the fraudulent ones they had sent!!

They have no contact numbers and their online chat is rarely active so getting things put right is hard at best.

I finally settled on a design and asked for a small change to be made to the color of the text from light blue to dark blue ( no biggie) .

A day later I received my full files of the final logo and guess what ??? They hadnt changed the color. This was a week ago now and I have emailed them repeatedly and messaged them on their online contact form with no success.

I guess you get what you pay for. I am now seeking legal advise on principle as I'm sick of companies like this leaving customers without what they promised.

To copy another companies Logo and sell copy write is crazy no wonder they don't publish an address or phone number online.

I have attached examples of their so called bespoke work and advise that you stay clear of them and pay for a proper designer.

Paul Gardner

25 pound logo
25 pound logo
25 pound logo
25 pound logo

Jun 28, 2016

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