24 hrs groceriesselfish honkers

Dear sir, Madam
I would seek your kind attention about a constant menace of the 24 hrs cold stores in the residential areas.
Outdoor noise (Noise pollution) worldwide is mainly caused by machines and transportation systems, vehicles, aircraft, and trains. But in Bahrain noise from transportation is very minimal and drivers never honk unnecessarily.
But this very peaceful atmosphere disturbed by some revelers and merry makers during night in front of some 24hrs groceries most of them situated in residential areas underneath the residential apartments. During midnight or before dawn (between 1 Am to 4 AM) these so called night owls simply stop the car in front of the groceries and honking without common sense forgetting many people in the building are sleeping and their children have to wake up in the morning for schools. These luxuries souls never come out of the car but honking and honking not for life saving medicine but for cigarettes and some other small petty things. To buy this petty things, they are disturbing whole lot of people around that area and these selfish groceries encouraging these owls just to earn their pennies by disturbing many people. Many times we are wondering and question our self, Are these 24 hours groceries necessary in every nook and corner? They are not selling life saving medicines
There is one cold store ‘’ AL TAJ COLD STORE ‘’ IN EXHIBITION AVENUE, BUILD: 1/378: ROAD NO 1807: BLOCK NO 318..Because of this store many of us during night lost our sleep and our Bp level shoots up next morning..We are scarifying our health for these night revelers and selfish cold store owner.
I would like to bring this to the notice of authorities concerned

Thanking you
Siraj Maideen

Jan 25, 2015

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