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24/7 Park Inc. / The stories are true

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As a former worker of this company I can tell you that the stories posted here are true. From the way that "Dave Domcalski" would rip people off to the way he treated his employees.

90% of all cars towed from properties contracted with 24/7 Park Inc. is charged for being dollied, but these cars are not dollied and the customers are still charged with the $65 fee. The company is supposed to be charging a $55 fee for cars that aren't dollied.

As a tow operator, there have been several occasionals where I've been ordered by "Dave Domcalski" to tow a car from a specific stall/lot at different properties because of discrepancies with the owner of the vehicle.

I've been ordered by "Dave Domcalski" to "boot" cars, which is a device that goes around the front driver-side tire, that will immobilize the vehicle. It is to my understanding that this is NOT yet legal within the state of Hawaii. To remove the "boot" is a fee of $125, and I "booted" 6-7 cars on a daily basis. This had taken place at 1723 Kalakaua Ave. It is located near Club Rockza.

As a tow company, when removing a vehicle from a property, the company is required by law to clear the vehicle with Honolulu Police Department's back-room. This is done so that police know that the car is not stolen, and is at the tow company's lot. At 24/7 Park Inc., this is not always the case. There have been several occasions on which I, as a driver, have had to tow vehicles that have yet to been cleared with HPD's back-room. By doing this, I was at risk because the car could have been considered stolen.

Sometimes I was ordered to take vehicles from lots that were contracted to other tow companies. For instance, on the Kalauokalani St. side of Hawaiian Brians (which belongs to another company), I've been ordered to take cars because "Dave Domcalski" has issues with this particular company. My take, is that he fears the competition out there.

As a former employee, pay was never really touched upon, though I had asked many times. I was "let go", by 24/7 Park Inc., due to reasons unknown to Dave Domcalski and I. Upon leaving the property I was promised my last paycheck within the next 2 working days. I was let go on a Monday (pay-day), and I should have received my last paycheck on Wednesday. When I called on Wednesday to verify with Dave Domcalski if my check was ready, I was told that I would not be getting my check because the time it took me to drive from Waipahu (where the lot is located), to Waianae took too long. Also because I had lost the keys to the tow truck. He told me that I was on my own, and I would not be receiving my check because he owed me nothing. I tried to call him back many times, and he would insult me verbally or simply hang up the phone.

I decided to go to the Department of Labor to see what could be done about my last paycheck that was being with-held. Luckily, the investigator at the Department of Labor worked hard and was able to get my last pay-check for me.

As a former employee, I know that Dave Domcalski would walk around the lot with guns in his back of his pants. He would purposely leave the handle of the gun exposed so that customers would be intimidated. Dave Domcalski would brag about his "expert markmanship" with rifles and handguns. He also claims to have been the former trainer to the L.A.P.D. I know for a FACT, that Dave Domcalski has weapons in his office at his current lot. Weapons such as multiple handguns and rifles, some type of assault rifle, which i do not believe to be legal within the state of Hawaii. He would say," that if anyone were the mess with him, he would be able to take care of himself." At that time, he was living at the lot.

As a current tow operator on Oahu, it is a slap in the face to know that companies such as 24/7 Park Inc., get away with malicious things. When dealing with property tows, we are often looked upon as the "bad guys" in a already bad situation. People like Dave Domcalski make the situation harder than what it has to be. This company's business days are numbered because though we provide trespass services, we still need to have courtesy towards the customer.

I feel sorry for the people who have had to experience the selfishness of this man, because the root behind it all is greed and money. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS AND WHERE YOU ARE PARKING BECAUSE IT MAY BELONG TO 24/7 PARK INC. You wouldn't want to be their next victim.

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