21M Capital (formerly / there's one strange fact

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Actually, I wanted to write a review about, but then I visited their website and noticed that they changed the name. Now it's 21M Capital. What happened to, their history is silent. Just interesting why they decided to change the name. I guess it's a strange fact about them.
The team. Not big, not small. Looks smart.
The portfolio. Not full enough. They should work with much more projects. The links to these projects websites are not clickable.
Contact details.Not enough. There are a phone number and a contact form.
Judging by the phone number, the office is located in Israel. Unfortunately, they didn't do us a favour and didn't mention where exactly.
By the way, their social media still have their old name -, why not change it?
It just doesn't make any sense

Feb 12, 2019

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