2014 Key Largo 2100 WI / Defect

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On 9/10/2014 I bouught a Key Largo 2100 WI Center console boat, it was delivered to me by Florida Family Marine in Deland, Fl
I called the dealer right away and told them that the boat was taking on water, the dealer was about 300 miles away and Key largo did not have repair centers close to me, the dealer instructed me to take the boat to Cape Coral boat Club where they found that the when this boat was built by the company they only put a couple of drops of marine sealant in the scuppers on top and on bottom of waterline, I was instructed by the service manager to call a marine surveyor to document the damage that was extensive.his report said:
"Based on the inspection performed today12/23/2014 it is very apparent that a structural problem is present in the transom of this vessel and based on the vissual evidence the problem can oonly be related to the manufacturer as there is no other evidence of any outside damaage noted to this vessel.It is the opinion of this surveyor that the structural issues with this transom will only get worse and that this vessel cannot be used safely for its intended purpose"
After all of this the company is refusing to return my money or give me a new boat, they want to repair that boat, I bought a NEW boat not a REFURBISHED boat.
I would never trust this boat to go out in the Gulf, I could have sunk and I could sink in the future .

May 31, 2015

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