2013. Hyundai Elantrabrakes and poor fuel mileage

"poor poor service and failure to fix poor mpg"

We have a 2013. Hyundai Elantra. Sticker said 34 town /40 highway. We have never got the 40 mpg. We get better in town than on highway. We drove to St Louis a few days ago. We only got 28.5 mpg. We have talked to the dealer many times. All they do is run a test, tell us that all is working correctly. Last they tested it. They said it was getting 30.5 mpg and advised that was acceptible highway mph. Advised them that was far from 40 mpg. That started that's what the gas card is for. I told them that only covers 1mpg not the other 11mpg average loss we have. The 40 mpg was the reason we bought the car. We started complaining the first day or so of having the car. The dealer told us it was breaking in and would get better with time. I think they were stalling to keep us from backing out of the deal. We bought the extended warranty. If we didn't I would have shipped it down the road. I feel the deal was aware of the probably and just lied to make a sale.

Feb 13, 2015

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