2011 Hyandai Sonata / Fuel Line

1 Springfield, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 937-903-8906

I bought a 2011 Sonata and everytime I fill up the car dies, and sputters and there is a strong gas odor. Mechanics at Wyler's said gas was somehow getting into the canister. They replace canister but problem continued. After having it back there several times they replaced everything in the back end. I just had it back today and they told me it had a bad purge valve that needed to be replaced. I told them that they told me everything had been replaced two months ago. The service manager said that the purge valve was not replaced at that time. This is a new car with 16, 000 miles on it and I have had nothing but problems and now the company has lied to me about replacing the back end. I want Hyandai to consider this under the lemon law and make this rightl. I'm tired of taking my car in every other month for the same thing.

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