2011 Genesis Coupe 2.0TLies and terrible experience

I never write reviews. I'm a kind person that always tries to see the best in everyone, but this dealership has made me so mad, that I'm actually going so far as to write them the WORST review I've ever given. The salesmen are a piece of work, but I'm not going to focus on that, I mean, they're salesmen, what do you expect? Integrity? Hah! So that won't be my sole focus here. I just wanted a reliable car and a decent deal. From the moment I drove off the lot, it's been problem after problem with the car. They lied SO much about the condition of the car. They even lied about the trim level! Saying it was a premium when it was a base. REALLY?! Then there were a ton of issues with the car. I test drove it, sure, but it was things that won't show up immediately. Things that had been patched temporarily, then fall apart after a week! I've had this car for 29 DAYS. DAYS! I had to get the alignment fixed, tire pressure sensor went off, had to fix that, then again, and had to fix it again. Then the turbo went out! I called the dealership, and they couldn't care less. They say it's not their problem anymore. Like, really? Do you not have any integrity for your company or reputation?! This has been the car from HELL! (And I don't curse!!! Look what they've done to me!!) They have zero morale. PLUS their salesmen had the audacity to hit on me the whole time I was there. Even made a dirty comment with my DAD there! Like really? Just all around, the worst experience of my life regarding cars. I would most definitely not buy from this dealership. But if you do because you fell in love with the car (as I did), just know you've been warned. On top of all that, it took them nearly a month to get me the title.

Jan 19, 2015

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