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2010 Visions / Innovative idea

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I heard about this program from a friend of mine about a 2 weeks ago. I was skeptical at first because of the plethora of scams and bogus offerings that exist on the internet. Since this one was highly recommended and my friend knew the people running the program personally, I decided to give it a try. The site is The fee for the program is $20 for the 2010 Visions Marketing Kit. By purchasing the Kit, you become eligible for receiving residuals to 10 Levels deep as new people join. I figured that I could afford to lose $20 bucks if this wasn’t for me. I signed up and paid for the Marketing Kit with my PayPal account. I received the Kit through email in about 2 days.

The program claimed that you could promote the website/program as much or as little as you want and even if you did not, you could still make some good money. They also said that new signups will be assigned to those who were already in the program until each person had three people. I did not promote the program initially but I checked my status at the end of the first week to see what happened. To my surprise, I had three people assigned to me and some of those people had people assigned to them too! I earned a total of $22 after 4 days which was more that my initial investment! This was exciting because knowing how Network Marketing works, returns become exponentially larger as the tree gets deeper. Now I was very anxious to see what the next week would yield based on the first week results! I checked my status after another week. My earned amount was a whopping $209 for literally doing NOTHING!! I am now convinced! I have begun marketing this program actively because if no work yields returns like this, I can only imagine what a little effort will do!

I am definitely recommending that you check out this program. It is very easy and has been very profitable for me so far. They have through technology, made the concept of Network Marketing a “Win/Win Situation” with little effort required by all. Promoting efforts have been reduced to sending out emails and referring people to a website!



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