2008 Premiere ProgramsUnauthorized charge on credit card

I orderedAcai Berry product FREE sample for $4.95 shipping and handling. I gave my mastercard for the shipping and handling. Then the screen asked if I wanted a FREE $25 gas card, Walmart card, Target card. I clicked the FREE Target Card and wha la I get a statement saying thank you for joining Primetime Savings Entertainment SaversGuide and I have a 7 day trial membership that will be activated within 48 hrs bla, bla, bla that they will charge my credit card monthly (no amount mentioned) and to contact them at [protected] if I have questions. I called the number right away and asked them why they are going to bill my credit card when I did not authorize or join this club. She tells me I cannot cancel yet (even though I did not join) I have to wait until I can (Iguess the 72 hrs). Ps: It gets better, at least on the second FREE? offer for the gas card thats now on the screen, they tell you that you will be billed for another club EastSaver) if you hit the Click Here button, hate to see what that button would get you into. But the point is: THIS COMPANY (primetime)DID NOT HAVE ANY AGREEMENT OR EVEN AN EXPLANATION PAGE "BEFORE" YOU CLICK FOR THE FREE TARGET CARD. IT IS A SCAM TO GET YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND I BELIEVE IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO THAT. WHOEVER THIS COMPANY, EASYSAVER AND THIS ACAI BERRY MERCHANT ARE THEY ARE IN IT FOR THE CARD NUMBER TO BE PASSED AROUND TO GOD KNOWS WHO. BETTER STOP THIS BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT. I'LL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT, BUT I THINK WE ALL KNOW, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT HUH.


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