2008 GMC Sierra HD / cracking dash

GMC: Below is my response to a Becken & Masten survey and their reply. I am sending you my complaint as I am sure they will not forward to you. It is disappointing that GMC has known material defect and not stand behind your product. I am 68 years old and have owned a GMC vehicle my entire life.
Becken and Masten did pay part of the repairs as this is my 4th vehicle I have bought from them and they did not want to lose my business. I am sure you have seen the complains on the internet, Becken Masten stated it is so common they keep the dashes in inventory at their dealership. Can you help me out with this known material defect. What is my life time loyalty worth?
John Trott

John, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Each employee is a valued member of the Beck and Masten North team and we all strive to provide excellent service! We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Thanks again!

Beck and Masten North was reviewed by John C Trott
Survey - Jun 4, 2018
It is disappointing that GMC will not admit that the cracking dashes are a material defect. The internet is full of complaints with the similar problem. It is such a problem that my GMC dealer keeps the dashes in inventory. Admitting they order them 5 at a time. If GM wants to embrace customer loyalty they should step up and cover the replacement cost of known defective parts. This is a GM company issue, Becken Masters is a very good Dealership

Jun 06, 2018

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