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2005 Vw Beetle / poor after sales service!

1 United States

My complaint is with Joe Pecheles Volkswagen Greenville Blvd., Greenville, North Carolina and Volkswagen of America. I have had to have warranty work, and general maintenance done to my car numerous times in the last year since I bought it. My complaint is that each time I have been denied a free loaner car while the work was being done. Volkswagen of America's stand is they only provide a free loaner car after the car is diagnosed to be warranty work, and then only if it takes more than a day to complete. It's up to the dealer to provide loaner cars or shuttle service for their customers that fall into this category regardless of the situation. No loaner by Volkswagen of America if it's warranty and just one day's work. The dealer, Joe Pecheles won't give a loaner for warranty work at all! Regardless of the situation, they will only give one if Volkswagen of America will cover it when it's warranty work! They will give free shuttle service, but only within a certain mileage range.

Herein lies my problem. I live 45 minutes from the VW dealership that does my work, and work another 45-50 minutes from it as well. Therefore, I am out of the mileage range for the free shuttle service. Therefore, since it was warranty work and I still needed to go to work myself, I have asked for a free loaner car to drive to work. I have been told no by both VW of America, and the dealership. Both giving me the run around that the loaner car should be covered by the other. Therefore, because I am a working woman that commutes to work an hour away one way I am penalized by according to Volkswagen of America the dealership, according to the dealership by Volkswagen of America for needing warranty work done. They each say I'll just have to get friends or family to drive me an hour one way to work, and then come back to get me later an hour one way. Even though my friends and family that I have still living all have their own jobs to be at in the mornings.

This would not bother me so badly, if it weren't for the fact that last summer I had to take my Beetle in 8 times for warranty work on a defective part that was giving intermittent problems. Hence, why it took eight times before they found it. Which means I had the transportation problem 8 times during the summer where I was already told too bad we can't provide you with transportation while it's here. That also doesn't count the two times since then that I have had to have it in for other minor warranty work. I keep asking what about Saturdays then, and am told they don't work on those kinds of problems at the dealership on Saturdays!

In addition, last summer on one of the days I scheduled work on it, they told me it was being worked on at that time. My husband and I just happened to be in that town when they said it should be ready. We drove into the parking lot, and saw it sitting in the service lot parking. It was not being worked on as I had just been told five minutes earlier on the phone. So, we sat there parked behind it and called the service department to see if it was ready. The service department told me it was in the garage being worked on as we spoke. I asked them if they were sure it was being worked on right then, and wasn't ready yet? Again they assured me the mechanic was working on it right then. Needless to say when they found we were sitting there looking at it in the parking lot, and it still wasn't ready, nor was being worked on the sputtering began. The profuse apologies also began. This was all after the 8 times it was brought in before.

To add to my tale of woes against this dealership, last month I had my car in yet again for warranty being done on a Saturday (only after much fussing on my part about the transportation issue). While it was there a 10,000 mile service was offered. I gladly said yes to the service of which I paid over one hundred dollars for. My complaint is that yesterday, one month later, when I managed to take it in again for an intermittent problem, they called me and told me I needed the 40,000 mile service (it had 40,000 miles on it last month when it was there) for again over one hundred dollars. When I commented I just had service done last month by them they said it wasn't the same service, and that not having this service could make VW of America not cover the problem I'm having when they do find it. They said they could say the problem was because I didn't have this maintenance done. When, I asked if they had time to do it yesterday while it was there I was told again no they didn't have enough time to do it before closing. I would have to bring it back on another day that was not a Saturday because they don't have time to perform that amount of maintenance on a Saturday, and of course they cannot offer me free shuttle or loaner car while the work is done!

All I have asked from this dealership to make me happy is to please give me a free loaner car or shuttle service on weekdays when work has to be done that cannot be done on Saturdays. I do not think this is too much to ask for since I have repeatedly tried to have all work on my car done on days when they are open, and I wouldn't have to have either shuttle service or a loaner. However, because they made a policy not to do those repairs or that kind of work, on those days I am being forced to bring it in on days that I need either shuttle service or a loaner car. I do not think it is too much to ask for from either VW of America to cover a one day loaner car, or the dealership to cover a one day loaner car if they will not, or cannot, do the work on a Saturday. I would wait until I'm off work during a week day (on a vacation day) to have the work done, but the mileage on my warranty is getting too close to it running out if I don't go ahead and tend to it. Not to mention it just tears the car up worse the longer I wait to have it repaired. I also am in a job where I am only allowed to take vacation days at certain times.

As I have said, I am only asking for a free loaner car or shuttle service on weekdays when they will not work on my car on Saturdays. They are the ones who tell you free loaner car or shuttle service with warranty service. They are the ones who are open on Saturdays, but made the policy not to do routine maintenance or warranty work on Saturdays. I would not hesitate to rent my own car, but not only is it the principle of the matter, I cannot afford to rent a car every time mine needs service when I have been in for service 11 times in the last year! That would be over $330 in rental car fees for warranty work that I was told would provide free transportation!

Thank you for your help with this! I was feeling like no one cared, and I had no one to turn to for help!

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