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20 20 Automotive Group / Improper gear for vehicle

1 2020 E. Bell RoadPhoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-866-920-3552

I purchased a vehicle at the end of 2007. It is a 2006 Dodge Magnum. I drove the car with it being stock and it rode great. I wanted some aftermarket wheels on it from their showroom. I picked some out. A few minutes later the car came out from the garage with the new wheels on it. I test drove it and noticed something funny with the wheels (aftermarket rims). The car would shake and bounce a little bit. I asked what the problem with it was and the sales guy told me that the car just needed alignment. I figured, ok, makes sense. I purchased the car (late afternoon). I asked so, can we get the wheels aligned? Sorry, the shop is closed. Bring it back tomorrow. I did not have another vehicle so I had to drive this car home (bumpy and misaligned). I brought the car back the next day and it took them almost 3 hours to complete their service. I had no problem with that. My friend picked me up and when I came back - there was a dent in the bumper. At first they tried to tell me it was all ready there. I said I looked over the entire car when I bought it and would not have done so with that dent in the bumper. They reluctantly fixed it, but I was out a car for two days. I get the car back and take it home. The car stilled bounced a little on the freeways and a lot at speeds over 60mph. I thought it was normal because of the rims (22 inch, low profile) I had purchased at 20 20. Two weeks after enduring the shakiness on the freeway, I took it back to 20 20 mentioning that something must be wrong with the wheels. They kept the car for a day (out a vehicle again). I come back once it was done. They said that the wheels were not balanced properly and that they corrected the issue. I drove it again for about a week and it still wasn't any better. i called them and brought it back once more. This time they said that they will call the rim dealer who sold it to them to look at them. I was out a car again for 2 days. I get a call with a diagnosis - one wheel is bent. The "rim dealer" replaces the wheel and I get a call to pick up my car. I drive away. About a week later I get on the freeway and at a little over 60 mph the car is bouncing again and the steering wheel is shaking. I called 20 20 and they pretty much said they didn't want anything to do with me and to go to the "rim dealer". I go there and have to drop off the car (out of a car again). They called when it was done and they told me that 20 20 had no idea how to balance the wheels and messed it all up. I paid for the service and drove off. I get on the freeway to go home and the wheels feel only nice now. 65 mph the car vibrates a little bit - I thought it was only the freeway roads that were causing this. Someone from 20 20 said that the car will ride rough. I figured this is what they were talking about. Weeks go by and I do not go faster than 70 mph due to the vibration I get on the freeways. after a while, the vehicle starting bouncing again really badly around 60 mph. I took it to a shop close to my home. They told me the wheels were out of balance. I paid for the service to have them balanced again. It felt all right for a while since I was not taking the freeway. A few weeks later I hop on the freeway and the car is shaking like crazy again on the freeway. I call 20 20 and they said it is no longer their issue. I asked them for a receipt for the wheels and they were not able to provide me with one. (they came with the car...) It has been over 30 days since they sold the car to me. I took the car to another shop by my work to get the wheels balanced and rotated. I paid for my service and left. Not too often had I been on the freeways after that. I take the car onto the freeway a few weeks later and the car is still shaking like crazy. I called 20 20 again and they insisted that its too late to do anything. Months go by of me getting wheel balances and rotations trying to fix the bouncing and shaking. It got so bad that I took it to a new place in Scottsdale - Tire Pros. They took a look at it and asked me what I am doing with spacers on my car. I asked what spacers are. He brought me out to his shop and showed them to me. He asked if I the car was bouncing and shaking all the time. I said yes. Here is your problem. Spacers are not supposed to be placed behind the wheels like they were. I asked if we could take them off. The answer was "THEN THE WHEELS WON'T FIT". He told me that it is dangerous to do that with wheels. They should be flush and that’s it. Spacers are a hazard and cause your vehicle to bounce and shake at higher speeds. They static balanced the rims and hated to see me drive out of there with these ill fitting wheels on my car. I called 20 20 and told them that they put the wrong wheels on my car - they didn't fit. They said they would have someone call me. No one ever called back. I called them again and they were yelling at me! They asked if i had a receipt for the wheels that 20 20 put on my car and I said no, it was not provided and that the wheels came with the car. I go out and buy some stock wheels for the car. Put them on the car and to my amazement, this is the smoothest my car had been since I bought it! Wow! I endure the few weeks with the stock rims until I can buy some wheels that fit properly. I buy new wheels and the shaking and bouncing went away. At this point I drove over to 20 20 to get their insurance information due to that I was going to file a claim. To my surprise, there weren't any cars left, the shop was locked up and 2020 had gone out of business. I need to find out who insured 20 20 during the time of my agony. I spent so much money trying to fix the problem and got no assistance from 20 20 at all. I feel like if they knew the wheels were not the right application for my vehicle, they should have not mounted them on the car and say that they were the wrong size. Lets look for something else. Instead they still went ahead and did anything they could to make them fit including endangering me the entire time the wheels were n the car.

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  • Am
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    I bought a '02 Mazda Protege from 2020 in 2006 and after a year when the tires were starting to really wear, I had to purchase new ones. It was brought to my attention by the tire place that I had a single tire that was a different size than the rest! I told them I bought the car used and that's what was on them from the dealership. They couldn't believe it. Doesn't surprise me that 2020 went out of business.

  • Ni
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    2020 Automotive Group/Isuzu is just their trade name. I searched on the Arizona Corporation Commission and found out that Bekelian Auto Sales and Leasing, Inc is the actual owner/corporation. At last check, the corporation is still active and the address of the statutory agent is available to file the complaint with.

    Good Luck!

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