1x1"4 Resistive Screen Wathch Cell Phone+bluetooth Earphone / not received the item nor payment

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this is brougt to your kind information that i had purchase from the tinydeal co 1X1"4 resistive wscreen wathc cell phone+ bluetoot ear phone vide my order number 8250011746080000400419 dated 19/08/2012 as the company is saying that they had delivered the said item vide track number Ra660770957Cn but till yet i had not receivede the said item as i had lodge several complaint before the said company they are saying they are looking into the matter and they will despach agains if the item is not received with in 90 days but no action been taken by the said company nor refund my amount. thus from its clearly indicated that the company had chreated me by this way taken money and had not given the itme for which i had paid how fraud done by this company you are here with requested to let me know the address of the company so that i shall place the matter with the government of china before that i whan to give the company one chance to refund my money immdeiately or i will take legal action against that company i do hope you will give me guide line in this regard. i had paid online payment for $115.79

Mar 17, 2014

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