1StopBedroomsawful service and delivery process

I wish I could leave 0 stars, but it doesn't let me. They were literally the worst company I have ever dealt with. The salesmen are pushy "car salesmen" type who are quick to make a sale and push their warranty on you. I was purchasing a unique sectional that had complicated configuration. Salesman didn't thoroughly explain the configuration I was getting and come to find out after being backordered three times (explained more later), we ended up having the wrong sectional configuration and would've cost me $800 to send it back if was actually delivered. They over promised and severely under delivered. Had originally ordered with an Ashley Homestore and later cancelled because 1stopbedrooms promised an earlier date. Well the first time it got "delayed" they had an elaborate story of how the east coast distributor ran out of stock after the order got put in, but not to worry that it was in transit from the west coast... well after two more "delays" / "backorders" since then and no explanation of how it's backordered after they told me it was in transit from the west coast, my delivery date got pushed back from late Oct. to late Dec... when try to cancel they get pushy and only at this time offer to knock off 5%... shouldn't wait until someone is about to cancel to offer this. Also their hold times when you call in are absolutely ridiculous. I've waited anywhere from 30 mins to an hour+ to get an unprofessional person on the phone. They do have a keep your place in line feature but many times never got a call back so ended up having to just wait to ensure I talked to someone. Went back to Ashley Homestore with my tail between my legs and am now getting a better deal and delivery date of second day of December vs. end of December. 1stopbedrooms claimed that would be impossible because they have "real-time" look into the inventory, but I think they get the lowest priority on the totem pole given their size. And honestly their pricing wasn't that great compared to more credible sites. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT order from this company. I'm still getting texts and emails saying my order is on backorder and need to either accept the backorder or refund order 5 days after my refund has cleared the bank. My order still shows up on their site too. Had to wait on hold another 40 mins yesterday to confirm indeed my order was cancelled. Very low budget and untrustworthy operation. Steer clear of 1stopbedrooms.

Nov 22, 2018

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