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1Stop Bedrooms / Grossly inaccurate shipping estimates and unreasonable delivery methods

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New York
I ordered a sectional sofa from 1Stopbedroom on [protected]. Almost immediately, I received a confirmation email for my order, stating it would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. Just as immediately, my credit card had been debited the 1500 bucks. Anyways, included in the email was delivery type "Free White Glove Delivery (Inside Delivery; No Setup)". No big deal... the delivery guys will bring it inside and all I'll have to do is unwrap, assemble some feet, and place where I want. Two days later, I got another email asking me to contact them to verify my shipping address; I shipped to an address other than my billing address. This actually seemed good on their part as they were verifying that I am who I say I am and not some credit card scammer.

Well... today is [protected] and I just took receipt of the sectional. It took 9wks and 2days from the time of order placement. The amount of time it took would not be so bad if there was some sort of communication between 1Stopbedrroms and the customer. Since the phone call to them regarding my address verification, I heard nothing from them until April 11th, which was them responding to an email I wrote them earlier that day; asking to be updated on the status of my order. The email I received was essentially a standard automated email when you make an inquiry. Basically, it says it may take up to 72hrs for a customer service rep to respond. I waited 5 days (120hrs later (April 16th)) before I emailed again to ask to get a response to my previous inquiry. Later that day I received an email stating that my order had arrived at the local delivery carrier and it may take 5-7 days for them to deliver (expect a call).

I was happy that it seemed this whole ordeal was coming to an end. However, I never heard from the delivery service until 4 days later on the 20th (which was a Thursday) and they said they are in my area only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Well, I work and had a meeting on Monday so I had to go with Wednesday (the 26th (10 days after the local carrier received it)) which gave me time to arrange my work schedule so I could be at home to receive the delivery.

Perhaps this should get its own complaint but the delivery service was not at all what I expected. Don't get me wrong, I knew I would have to unwrap, assemble anything needed, and put my furniture in its permanent location but my invoice clearly stated "inside delivery; no setup". The delivery service "Justo Delivery Services" was driving through my apartments when I was taking out some trash. I flagged them down and told them where to park the truck. My apartments are gated but you can access the driveways (just not the doorways). So, I opened the pedestrian gate nearest my apartment and propped it open. The back of the truck was no more than 50' from my front door and they started taking off the first piece and set it down in front of my door. I figured, at this point, they were just getting everything down and staging it. Well the second piece was a bit awkwardly shaped and they had trouble getting it through the gate. The older guy of the two (both of which spoke limited English) said "I am sorry, you have standard delivery, I will leave it here”. I am fine with working and carrying heavy items but if two able bodied men can't move this piece through the gate, how am I supposed to do it myself. Besides, my invoice stated inside delivery, not "standard delivery" (which is to the residence threshold or nearest access point only, based on Justo's site). So, I got involved and began to lift the piece above the fence. The piece maybe weighed 60lbs and the fence is only 6' high. One of the fellows began to help as the piece is awkward to pick up by oneself. After the 30 seconds needed to get over the fence, I asked the guy if he was serious and told him that it's not that difficult. He again stated that it is standard delivery and he is not required to bring in to my front door. I guess he had a change of opinion as he got the final two pieces to my door, at least. And as they removed the last two pieces I moved the first two pieces into my apartment by myself. After all was done, I gave them each a cold bottle of water and 5 bucks. I actually went to the store to get cash earlier, just for that purpose. I was initially thinking I should tip $15 each, until I realized they were there to do the bare minimum. I probably shouldn't have given them anything at all, after all I muscled all four pieces into my apartment by myself, but I was raised better than that.

In the end, I did receive my sofa and a relatively good price but I don't think I will be ordering from 1 Stop Bedrooms anytime soon. The lack of communication is frustrating. If I ever have to contract a delivery service myself, I certainly would never utilize Justo Delivery Services' services. 1% extra effort and they could have placed the sofas in my apartment. Perhaps it is a breakdown of communication between 1stopbedrooms and Justo but, I know what I see on my invoice is inside delivery.

1Stop Bedrooms

Apr 26, 2017


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A  7th of Dec, 2017 by 
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I have had this exact same experience. Ordered a bed on 10/10/17, it's now 12/7/2017 and zero communication from them during the first 6 weeks. I had to reach out numerous times before I was told that my item was out of stock. Still awaiting any type of delivery date. Their primary issue is LACK OF COMMUNICATION. Ther FAQ section clearly states "We will notify you immediately in the event your furniture is on backorder, and we will ship it as soon as possible"... yeah right!
A  14th of Jan, 2018 by 
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I would call this company a complete fraud and a group of scammers, but I believe they are just actually plain old deceptive and bad at what they do. As other customers have said the main issue is they take you money immediately then go silent without any ETA on when or if your order will ever arrive. Their ordering process conveniently never mentions estimated delivery dates and lets the customer assume that "surely my order wouldn't take more than a few weeks". Guess again. I've been waiting for my order 2 months now without a peep from the company.

What's most despicable is the huge number of obviously fake reviews they have paid for on review sites (even on the BBB site) that give unsuspecting people a sense of comfort before they order. 1stopbedrooms.com is down-right shameful.
N  23rd of Feb, 2018 by 
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Same here...Furniture was delivered damaged. On hold for customer service for over an hour. Sent an angry e-mail & they called immediately however, it's been over a month & no calls, no credit...NADA. Will NEVER use this company! I agree they MUST pay for good reviews because all the negative reviews sound about the same.
N  21st of Mar, 2018 by 
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I purchased a complete dining room set and buffet server from them. It turned out to be a waste of my time and money.

I was sent an email confirming my purchase. I was then a day later sent an email asking for a review. Very odd since I haven't received the product or can review on the service at this point in time.

I was then sent a third email with a status update saying my order details have been sent to the manufacturer for acknowledgment and shipping preparation.

At this point, I'm super excited that I got such a wonderful deal! Everything is going smooth and I cannot wait to receive my dining room set.

I received another email with another status update two days later stating "Great news! The manufacturer has confirmed your order is ready to ship and is awaiting pickup from the freight carrier." It stated that it usually takes 1-3 days.

Oh boy! I am beyond thrilled reading that!

Three days later I received an email stating that my order has been picked up from the manufacturers warehouse and is in transit to the last mile carrier closest to me. It said that I would be updated with an estimated arrival date in a few days and contacted to schedule a delivery appointment.

YES!!! Exactly what I wanted to read.

Here comes the bad news...

After 2 weeks went by I contacted them via chat and asked where my items were. I was told that they're on the way to me and was given at that point a two week arrival time frame since it was coming from across the country.

Alright, I wait and wait and wait some more and hear nothing! I again contact them via chat and a HUGE bomb went off. I was told that my items were on back order NEVER on the way to me. ARE YOU KIDDING????

I was completely lied to during the ENTIRE process. From emails lying to me to workers lying to me. Meanwhile I am out TONS of money and wasted 2 months waiting for nothing to arrive.

I immediately told them that I wanted to cancel my order and supposedly they did. I'm awaiting my refund. If not received within 10 days I will be contacting my bank to open a dispute.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!!! This is either a scam or someone that doesn't know how to run a business. They should never lie to their costumers. On their own website it says "Buyer will be immediately contacted if items are on back order." REALLY??? Wow that would've been really nice to know.



Don't even bother trying to call them because it will start out with only a 5 minute wait that will go to 10 min wait that will go to 15 min wait and so on. YOU WILL BE ON HOLD FOR HOURS!!!


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