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1stFirst Direct Trust / Suspected Scam

1 Oaklands, Clifton Hill, Clifton on Teme, WR6 6DXClifton on Teme, England, Worcestershire, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 01886 812433

Received letter saying that USD$[protected].75 was waiting to be delivered to us, and they wanted details of home address, date of birth, occupation, etc etc. They gave us an "account number" and said that the money was collecting interest but that it would have to be put to charitable causes if it ws not claimed. Said that the money was from 'Australian Sweepstakes Program'.

They call themselves First Direct Trust, President and CEO signed as Mr Q.M. Vonttany.


Suite 1255
100 Derrington Downs
NSW 2610 Australia
Fax [protected]

I would like to know:
A - if they are known scammers or
B; if they are known to be genuine! (It is a lot of money!!)

Many thanks

Mike P

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  • Ca
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    Letter stating account #, same address, same CEO, and will donated to a non profit organization chosen by the Australian Government if unable to contact me.

    APPENDIX "A" attatment to be completed and FAXed back

  • Do
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    I also received the Letter from 1stFirst Direct Trust w/same address and same text stating that I had won 1.5 million 750.75 cents. I have googled the name of the bank and found a similar bank in the UK owned by HSBC. I have not tried Google Earth or the CEO's name. Secondly they state the "bank account": set for me is 12 digits long in account number. No routing number or swift code number for international transfer is given. I will keep you informed as I find out various thing s.

    contact me with questions Don Newman or or

  • Do
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I have received over 100 Million dollars in fake fee lottery scams, fake or counterfeit or closed account checks about 50. The only financial items that were real were 5000 in Safeway money orders from money gram and money orders from Bank of New York. The ### who are doing this ought to be stripped of every last dime they have. I do not believe jail is going to deter them. I have over 500 emails from Nigeria scammers, Uk scams, Canada and Austrialiam scammers. Be careful do not send out on the net info or address.

  • Wi
      23rd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Don't want to give out any info, as I'd rather not be identified and get on one of the "sucker" lists. Just let it be known that this is absolutely and 100% a scam, I am looking at a letter sent to my mother-in-law stating that SHE was the $1, 500, 750.75 winner.

    First of all, playing lotteries across international lines is illegal so it's impossible to legitimately win, EVEN IF you bought a ticket with a winning number (which you didn't).

    Secondly, the phone number listed on the bottom for "questions" is just across the border from Seattle in Canada, where these scammers tend to operate.

    Plus, since when does an 800 fax number get you Australia? Since never, that's when.

  • Wa
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    My dad too got the samething. 1, 500750.75. My guess is that the reason they day they will not process a letter is to avoid mail fraud charges. I they also state that you can avoid taxes if you set up an overseas account. I would bet that, no matter what, they will request some sort of fee. This is probably just a clever variation of the typical ones my dad gets in which they ask for a processing fee of around 20 dollars. Since I know he did not enter any overseas lotteries, there is not a possibility that he won anything. And he seems to get somthing stating that he has won millions just about every week. So, the likelyhood is that this is a scam is pretty high.

  • Wa
      2nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please accuse my last post. I'm afraid that I did not do a great job editing it.

    Again, the likelyhood of this being a scam is very high, just a bit cleverer, that's all.

    I think that our fraud teams here need to get together with Canadian fraud teams in an attempt to clean this up. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it is a hard nut to crack.

  • Ja
      16th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    My dad recieved the same letter as shown above and it said that he has a n unclaimed trust fund of 1, 500, 750.75 and the address is the same as shown above. We called the phone number which send you to a security department, 1(788)317-0732 and recieved the other line which sounded like a bank. We also called the fax number and it came up as a fax machine. the number for that was (866)298-7507 and in checking on the internet we found these comments.We were wondering if anyone has heard if this is a scam or not cause it is a lot of money.

  • Aa
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    My G-ma got the same thing from the 1st Direct Trust for $1, 500, 750.75 and if it were not claimed within 14 days it would be given to acharity of there chosing. It was from the Austialin Sweepstakes Program. Need to know if its a scam if not my G-ma needs the money, if is bad news for us.

  • No
      15th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    ok got the same letter in the mail 1, 500, 750.75? yea freakin right! by the way is everyone's account number 2008-5557-1500? called that 800 number and the dude had it memorized. fishy right? that and i had this other scam check sent to me, and the people used the same stamp and the same kind of paper to print the letter on. they are jamaicans! not austrailans! listen to them talk for gods sake! without a doubt this is a scam. dont do it!!!

  • Ke
      17th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    New round of letters in 2010 using CountryWide Holding & Trust but amazingly the same exact address as in the above comments. That is how I found your comment stream as searching for their name, phone numbers, names, etc. comes up with nothing. Nice female voice on the answering system for Mr. Marvin Wallace at 1-877-301-6833 but no agents have called me back. Envelope is postmarked Everett, WA 982. The signature on the letter claims to be Mr. Roland Jones, International Monetary Fund, Unclaim Division Dept., Country Wide Holding & Trust.

  • Ly
      22nd of Mar, 2012
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    I redeived a letter from CountryWide Holding & Trust telling me that I had unclaimed money in the amount of $650, 000.00 from a sweepstakes prize and I should call 1-778-223-4311 before March 16th to claim this money, well I called just to see what this was all about and I was told that I had won this money and it would be sent to me via mail. the person told me I could receive the money in about two days but I would have to pay UPs shipping and handling fee when it came or I could wait and receive it between 5 & 7 days I chose to wait the 5 to 7 days and the man so okay, well congrat and watch your mail for your check to arrive. It has been 14 days and still no check and when I called the number today to check on the status of the check to see if it had been mailed the phone sewrvice kept telling me I didn't have enough money on my account to complete the call! My bill is not even due yet and I can make calls everywhere else so I believe they are a fraud, at least they didn't get any money from me .

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