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1st convenience bank fort worth / customer service

1 alterations and mcartfort worth, TX, United States

I was the location altamesa blvd and mcart Ave Kroger 1st c.b. branch and first of all o had the department they told me my paperwork would be sent over and ready by 4 pm I was there a few minutes before 4 amd waited over an hour called the bank back while I was there 3 times each time I had to wait 20+ min for someone to pick up so I could get my money didn't get my money the teller named Jessica the heavier set black girl she got pretty rude with me when they the ones with pallets sitting out saying we put people 1st which is bull she looked at me like I was stupid had an attitude told me there was nothing she could do I need to call and I had my phone on speaker calling for third time at least when the other ladies Aryan or how ever you spell her name end the Mexican lady with glasses were respectful and spoke to me in a curious manner unlike Jessica every one including there manager saw me waiting for over an hour and they claimed they couldn't do anything I'm really upset I wasted all that time mind you I was told around 12 pm that day to be there at 4 and even my husband noticed and said to me she seem like she have an attitude when we're up here waiting to get the business taken care of I really hope supervisors over her and her and her branch manager see these comments there used to be a manager skinny white lady short dark hair she needs to come back she made sure her employees were respectful amd convernimg and customers needs and issues were addressed and taken care of after this INCONVENIENCE I want to switch banks she really made me mad with her rude attitude I'm sorry I'm currently living in a damn hotel and getting the money a supervisor said I could yesterday was an issue when it's keeping a roof over your head yet I had to deal with rude bankers when trying to get my money it's bad when you wake upthe next mmorning still mad about I wanted to cuss her out and ruin their counter

Jul 31, 2015

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