1mg.comdelivered broken seal medicine

1 star is for their ways of correcting their number of mistakes at every step.
Day 1 around 9:30 PM: I booked the medicine, uploaded prescription as per their request & made the payment. They take approx 2-3 hours to verify the same. I was assuming by next day I will get the required medicines. Just like any any other patient may want to think.

Day 2 around 9:00 AM: I got the call that prescription I uploaded doesn't have stamp & sign of doctor. After explaining them they agreed on this. But then they said that medicine I asked is of high dose, as per prescription solution quantity isn't mentioned, so asked me to check with doctor & get the quantity written.
I called checked my prescription, luckily I found the solution & quantity written on previous page of prescription. I uploaded the same.
No one called back, as I was in hurry to know if I will get the medicine or not, I called back the customer care.
The executive shockingly told me that unfortunately the second prescription you uploaded is having writing mismatch, also is of old date, I explained him that date was written of my last visit which was approximately 1.5 month old because this medicine is prescribed to take on 15 days interval and for 15 days continuously. But he didn't understand. I asked him to cancel my order. He cancelled it and said I will get Money in 5-7 days as per RBI guidelines. I don't know which RBI guidelines says so when I am myself compliance guy.

I wrote this on Twitter, I got the call the person apologised, which I wasn't waiting for, I had to arrange medicine.

That person said he is booking the order again on CODand will get this delivered asap. I asked him that confirm back to me if your vendor can deliver it today, because I am already 1 day late.
No one called back for 3 hours.
I called back, the person on call assured that I will get the medicine by EOD. I was kept quiet.

9:53 PM, I again written on Twitter that delivery is still pending because I had to leave my house for night. The delivery person luckily reached home at around 10:15 in the night. I asked him to drop the package at my neighbor. Ufff... finally I was happy.

Day 3: when I came back home, I opened the wrappers, I found that medicine packet is already open where it's written "Please don't accept if deal is open "

I again written on Twitter then revert that will get this replaced..

So now, I have paid for medicine 2 times, but still can't have medicine.

I would request all that

1. please don't buy with them if you are in extreme requirement of medicine
2. Please make sure you get prescription signed & stamped every time you visit doctor
3. Please match the signatures of doctor every day you visit
4. Don't make prior payments they may cancel the order with any ridiculous reasons

It's day 3 ended, broken sealed medicine is not yet returned.

Jun 03, 2018

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