$1.99 CleanersUncleaned Coat

I took my coat to this cleaners to be cleaned. I was charged $7.99 to clean it. I went to pick it up and i noticed the coat looked like how i dropped it off. There was dirt on the collar, near the button holes and sleeves. They told me they would get it cleaned and it would be ready by Wednesday. I go on Wednesday and it was not ready. I go back on Saturday and the coat is the same way i left it. It wasn't cleaned. I asked the owner for a refund and he refused. He told me that they have a margin and they clean the stuff not one by one but with a bunch of other items. I find it amazing that customer satisfaction wasn't even a concern to him. I am putting this business on blast. I"m reporting him to the Better Business Bureau, all local websites and papers. I refuse to allow merchants to abuse their customers and take no responsibility for their wrong doings. BEWARE OF $1.99 CLEANERS ON AMBOY AVE!!!

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