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1800 Patches / Bad service

1 United States

I apologize for the delay in responding to this matter. I contacted Ms. Lisi today and was unfortunatly disconnected and unable to reach her again. As per our conversation I was led to believe that Ms. Lisi didn't understand the terms and conditions for the trial which she ordered back in November of 2005. I found Ms. Lisi's account and was able to see when the order was placed, however there were no notes indicating any correspondence between her or our customer service reps. As per our conversation I believe that Ms. LIsi, did however attempt to call at one time, but was unable to reach someone directly.
The claim that the product was a "thick ugly green consistency" and "un-drinkable" leads me to believe that Ms. Lisi was not using the product in the correct matter, as I have worked with the company for two years and never heard such a description.
I apologize that Ms. Lisi was unhappy with the product, but this matter could have been better dealt with over a year ago. I am not able to remove her name from collection without either recieving back the product that we sent her or payment for the product. In an effort to resolve this matter, we would be willing to accept partial payment of $34.50 (which is 50% of the retail price of 68.95). If Ms. Lisi paid this amount or sent the product back we would be able to take her name of collections.

My response:

As I shared with Ms Berg I had called Patches twice. Once to find out how to return the product because it was undrinkable but was never connected to a person to get the necessary number or process to return the product.

The second time I called Patches a salesperson told me that he had never heard of complaints and dismissed me.

Ms Berg notes that there are no correspondence between myself and a customer service representative. Is she implying that I didn't make the calls? And that the customer is lying? I did talk twice. The fact Patches has ignored me until I filed a complaint and now claiming they have not heard from me is disappointing once again. They have not kept records except what is duein money.

Ms Berg suggests I did not use the product as directed. Ms Berg is implying I didn't know what I was doing with their product. It's an alledged drinkable product whereby you pour the substance into warm water to make a tea or drink. I did. As for the product becoming a thick ugly green consistency and undrinkable not only did I describe that problem twice to Patches but to the collection agency. The collection agency responded they had heard similiar complaints regarding this product and angry customers. The collection agent also said that if you don't follow their exact steps for returning the product you don't get credit. To get these exact steps one must be able to talk to a Patches agent. First time contacting Patches it was impossible to get through for directions. The second time the Patches agent ignored me and didn't even offer assists nor made any record of the complaint. He said he had been there a year and had not heard complaints. When I asked if I could talk to a manager or have the manager's name, the agent responded with "he didn't know the manager's name."

In November, 2006 I searched the internet to see if any complaints had been filed regarding this product and Patches. I found a filed complaint at the site "" The customer described the product as I had. A complaint filed on 3-19-05 under the catorgory of weight control shared the same complaints. Undribkable and unable to reach anyone at patches. This is a customer from Palmyra, Pennsylvania. If you wish I can send a copy of this report. This assisted me in filing my own complaint since it was exactly what I had been talking about and what the collection agent had described.

I will search to see if I have the product.If I can find it, I will return it. Since I am traveling for work, it would not be until during the week of 2-20-07 that I return home to search. For me to make a partial payment would still reflect poorly upon my credit.

This is very disappointing to initiate a customer relationship with a company that doesn't admit in any form I attempted to talk with them, twice.

Please let me know what the next steps will be and if I have time to search for a product that was set aside.


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