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150cc italian style scooter / chinese made scooters and purchasing them over the internet is a bad idea!

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i ordered a scooter off the internet thinking it would be a way better deal then going to the dealership and buying a way over priced scooter. This was about the worst idea i have ever had in my life. when i finally get it to work the wheels quit working and it doesn't go anywhere. my dad tells me it still has hope we just need to relpace a few things. but im thinking its brand spanking new i shouldn't have to replace anything. i'm thinkin about returning it but it's probabaly not worth it. it just sits in my garauge. i got it a month ago and rode it for about 5 miles. it kinda sucks. all i wanted to do was save on gas for the summer. but instead i invested 1000.00 moneys into a brand new pos(im only 18, so this is almost my life savings) so i highly regret purchasing this pile of chinese plastic. i think if i melted it into a fresbee i would use it more often.

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      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    I just posted my complaints regarding Scooter Depot and jmstar [Chinese manufacturer] and sent and email to both. However, when I checked to see if my posting was in place I was once again asked to comment. [Get your act together people you're starting to perform with the same imperfection exhibited by the Chinese manufacturer and American distributors in question].

    I have owned a Moped 150cc Touring scooter manufactured by jmstar for about two months. During the period it has beeen towed three time to the shop as a result of parts failures, to wit:

    The first [a problem with the exhaust system that resulted in a power failure and an accident that broke the windshield]. When I requested a replacement from Scooter Depot they told me it would cost $230.00. I purchased an OEM windshield in Houston, TX for $ much for fair dealing with Scooter Depot.

    The second failure resulted from a faulty fuel registered half full but was empty. I was unable to restart the scooter after following the techincal service instructions. It resulted in another towing fee and repairs to the fuel system. Since no parts had to be replaced I had to assume all the costs involved.

    The third failure[ Nov. 1st], also requiring a tow, took place on the highway when the scooter suddenly lost power and there was no response with the throttle. I coasted to a safe place and still await the bad news.

    My effort to elicite a satisfactory settlement from Scooter Depot's manager Michael Lee, Gen, Mgr Scooter Depot, US
    12857 Reservoirs Chino, CA 91710 have gone unaswered; while my plea to the manufaturer [jmstar] resulted in an agreement to share my thoughts with Mr. Lee -- silly when you think about it.

    It suffices to say Chinese manufactures think they have pressed the right American consumer button [price] and ignored our ability to share any and all displeasure we might have with suppliers that fail to honor agreements and offer equitable settlements for valid claim made.

    We've seen in recent weeks China's failure to control manufacturers of exportable products -- some resulting in serious harm to consumers.

    The Chinese scooters [regardless of cc class] could make a long term impact if they were properly manufactured and serviced, as has been the case with Japanese and Italian scooters. If, however, they fail to respond to reasonable demands for service there is little doubt in my mind at least their ability to penetrate this now highly competitive [economy oriented buyers] market.

    I suggets, if you want to purchase a scooter, you dismiss the lower prices offered by the Chinese and bite the bullet. In the long run you'll end up saving money.

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      14th of Mar, 2009
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    1. You say you had an accident as a result of a faulty exhaust system. Unless the exhaust system fell off and got caught up under the scooter in some fashion there is no reason an exhaust system failure should cause an accident. The scooter does not lose power so fast it can cause an accident if your mind is on the task at hand... Paying attention to your riding because you're on a vehicle that requires your full-time attention.
    2. How could you have a "faulty" fuel gauge when the repair required no parts? The "faulty" fuel gauge wasn't replaced? Sounds like you only needed tap on the sender to make the gauge work.
    3. The sudden loss of power could be something as simple as replacing a fuse. Did you at least check the fuse(s) or just call the tow truck again?

    The problems your scooter exhibited in the first two instances can and does happen to many different vehicles including cars, trucks and motorcycles and from many different manufacturers, not just Chinese scooters. The Chinese scooter can be an excellent choice, especially considering the much lower price it commands. A minor investment in a scooter repair manual can go a long way. If you had one, you might have been able to save yourself a lot of time, money and hassles.

    "I suggets, if you want to purchase a scooter, you dismiss the lower prices offered by the Chinese and bite the bullet. In the long run you'll end up saving money." you said.

    I suggest that if you want to purchase a scooter; the Chinese scooter is an excellent choice. Even if you have absolutely zero mechanical or technical skills (and no desire to learn any or help yourself), it still is better than to get a car or a Japanese scooter and pay 2-3 times or more over the price of the Chinese scooter. With an average 150cc Chinese scooter costing about $1, 100 to $1, 300.00 and it's Japanese counterpart costing several thousands more, it still makes sense even if you put it in the shop when you have a problem. It will have to be many many problems that occur before you begin to get close to making up the difference in the price between the Japanese and Chinese scooters. For me, the Chinese scooter is well worth the money.

  • Va
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    buy your chinese scooter from a dealer who has a warranty on site.the warranty is only as good as the dealer you bought the bike JADE MOON MOTORCYCLES ATVS AND MOPEDS in west columbia s.c. they fix any an all problems quickly and under the warranty period at no additional extended warranty is offered also at an additional cost. never buy online unless you want to pay shipping to send the bike back to be fixed that takes forever and far outweighs the slight additional cost upfront.they sell mopeds from 799.99 up to the best available MOTO FINO AN AMERICAN OWNED COMPANY BIKE FROM 1199.00 TO 2499.00 ...the warranty periods range from 30 days up to a year you decide...they can be reached at 803-794-0250

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      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    Don't be agravated by your previous Chinese motorsport experience, change it! We at are committed to customer service and realistic pricing. We stock many parts for chinese vehicles, and ship them right the same day. We guarantee satisfaction fully and completely. We are a Las Vegas all American company, seeking to help good ol' Americans just wanting a good product at a good price. Is that too much to ask? Call 702-689-9266 or email at to see if we can help you with your scooter, atv, or motorcycle parts needs.

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      19th of Mar, 2010
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    My brother purchased a JM Star Chinese motorcycle online from a scooter distributor in California. He has no mechanical experience. There was some assembly required with which I helped. During the assembly process, I took note of the following: The metal parts were poorly cast (pitted and pocketed) and one of the handle bar mount brackets broke under light torque (wrench tightening). Tolerance on several parts was off (poor fit). Holes for brackets were slightly mis-drilled. The wires used for the electrical system were undersized and poorly insulated. The wires were also poorly managed and run in the wrong spots (After two months of riding the insulation on the wiring had rubbed off and the wires came in contact and shorted). The battery needed replaced almost immediately. We put Loc-tite brand thread locker on all the screws and bolts we could find, but the bike still vibrated way too much. After about six months of riding, the bike became very difficult to start, even with the kick start. One morning he was trying to kick start it and the lever snapped in half. One month later he sold it for less than half of what he paid and 'nuff said - lesson learned. I understand that some dealerships will go through the bikes after importing them from China and do whatever can be done to improve the quality, but little can be done for the poor metal and plastic quality (a fact that seems to be overlooked in many of these threads). I didn't examine the engine, but I am guessing the same poor metals were used on the block and other components. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rockwell hardness tests on the metals came out to be too soft and that could be what causes them to slowly lose fit and tolerance, thus decreasing performance. I would personally stay away from the Chinese bikes all together, but especially the JM Stars.

  • Re
      27th of Apr, 2011
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    10000 miles on my jmstar and this is the first time any work had to be done to it whatsoever. It has always started, is very dependable and no quality issues. HOWEVER, I actually did the "BREAK IN" service as reccomended by the manufacturer and always changed the oil and other fluids and serviced as INDICATED in the manual. Sounds like the problems exist between the seat and the handlebars... I.E. the rider looking to take advantage of their own poor actions. For some people, the american dream is meerely the ability to get money from others by making claims when we ourselves could do very little to prevent these issues in the first place. You yourself are the problem, not the scooter.

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