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15 FT. ENCLOSED TANDEM AXLE TRAILER / Not standing behind product warranty

1 11002 FM 1488 RDMagnolia, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 281-356-3131

We just purchased a trailer at 1488 trailes sales because it was going to be need it to transport church equipment in a mission trip to mexico, the trailes cost was of 4, 500 and some change probably, my YP had a lot of trouble trying to get the money to purchase this trailer and when he got it he called many places to buy this trailer but he wanted to keep the business in magnolia, when this company was traveling from corsicana to magnolia, the trailer got hit on the side by an 18 wheeler tire (with the rim) and he got told that the trailer got hit but it was just the fender and they will be able to fix it; and they did so... but it had a problem with the alignment, so he called and they said that they will fix it... again they put a new axle and my youth pastor and his staff said that was ok. We travel to Mexico by good roads and when we got there one of the bolts came loose in mexico (they did not tight the bolt right) and the chasie of the trailer got damage, he went and bought some botls and nuts and fix it. later on during the end of the week we find out that the back axle's mount came unwelded, and they wanted to fix it but they did not wanted to boid the warranty, the trailer was good but a chunk of the metal came loose with the welding job that was originally there, puting a hole making it bigger becasue of the road (here and there). When we got back they took the trailer to 1488 trailer sales and the owner accused us that it was becasue we took it to mexico (when they said that their trailers where taken to the mounains of colorado or somewhere and draged up the rough mountains and nothing happened to them) the owner was ugly to my youth pastor and then agreed to fix it, but my YP asked for the trailer to be taken to the manufacturer and the owner said that was going to cost them money that they will find a welder locally but my YP said "NO" that it was going to void the warranty. They left the trailer there expecting them to taken he it to corsicana, he offered to take it there, but they said that someone was comming to look at it. HE HIRED SOME ONE WITH OUT PERMISSION TO WELD ON THE TRAILER VOIDING THE WARRANTY, and then said that he had to do it because the manufacturer did'nt wanted fix it. one of my leaders at church called the manufacturer and they said "bring it on, the way that we manufactured trailers is what guaranty us as business" but the dealer at 1488 trailers LIED TO US SAYING THAT CARGO CRAFT IN WILL NOT FIX IT. And Cargo Craft said "bring it on" BE CAREFUL WITH 1488 TRAILER, THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY AND WHEN YOU HAVE TROUBLE WIT THE PRODUCT THEY LIE MAKING ALL KIND OF EXCUSES... MY CHURCH IS BEHIND THE FIRE DEPT. IN MAGNOLIA you can ask my YP and he will tell you that everything is true. CHURCHES IN MAGNOLIA DO NOT BUY AT 1488 TRAILER YOU MAY END UP LIKE US.

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