125cc Adventure-SE w/Monster Tiresinoperable item - no refund!!

On 12/11/14 I order a 125cc 4x4 Adventure-SE W/Monster Tires (order # 36816) and paid in full by credit card in the amount of $948.90.

The item arrived quickly, as promised, but was fully crated and impossible to inspect prior to delivery personnel leaving. Once unpacked we found that there was damage to the left side brake handle, cracks in at least one fender, a seat that would not fit and couple of other minors issues. Once the battery was activated and charged we then found that nothing electrical on the left handlebar would work (starter, kill switch, headlight switch, etc.). The ignition switch turns with the key and the blue NEUTRAL light does come on - nothing else works. Removing the seat there are wires that have either been cut or were never connected at all.

I have a heart-broken nephew that did not get his gift this year. I have contacted your company on (3) separate occasion since the item arrived and feel as though I am getting a round around. The sale is not final in this case and I intend to pursue the matter until I get an item that works, this item repaired, or a full refund of $948.90. Would like to resolve this issue calmly, quietly and with as little negative impact as possible. The issue at this point is NOT parts replacement...I have a brand new 125cc 4x4 that's pretty but inoperable and completely useless. So far, nothing but a complete run around. Next step - FACEBOOK and other social media blitz, then Georgia and Illinois Attorney General. I need either an item replacement or complete refund!

Order #36816

Dec 26, 2014

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